Favorite auto commercials

What’s your fav?

The one where Kermit the frog was in the 2007 Escalade commercial during the super bowl.

Easy. By far the Trunk monkey series. http://www.trunkmonkey.com/ Just thinking of it cracks me up.

saturn use to have some funny ones

like the guy who kept taking his car in to be checked for strange noises, just to get free doughnuts in the waiting room

i think its was gm or chevy with the package being moved around in each model… yea it was chevy i believe.

That was actually for the 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid… It’s supposed to be a green car…

I actually like the commerical with the two monsters which produce the H3, which is the “little monster”. That and I believe it was a nissan commerical a while back when they used all the different peices of the car as a rube goldberg device. That one was pretty cool.

back when they made the aircooled beetles, VW had excellent commericals

like “ever wonder how the guy who drives the snowplow, gets TO the snowplow?” (shot of a bug driving down a snowy road).

Okay go to http://www.jengajam.com/index.php?act=search&q=evil+ford&groupid=AnyCat&sortBy=clicks&sortOrder=d&searchType=phrase&submit=Search . They actually ran this in Europe for a while. If your an animal lover shield your eyes.

It’s called the “Cog” video and it’s by Honda but yeah it’s good.

The dancing transformer Citroen.

I know that I’m a little late on this, but I just saw the video for the first time today and it’s awesome.
Watch it here if you’re so inclined:

I like the new volkswagen one where The guy pulls the “F” off the Ford Focus where it has a sticker that says “THE FLAME” and he hands it to this girl and says “here, you get an F” and then the car is left saying “THE LAME”. Then the guy says “We’re going to un-pimp your auto” and he pulls out this big red button and presses it and then a shipping container falls on the Ford Focus and it falls open with the new Volkswagen inside and then he says “German engineering in da haus”

You mean these :smiley:
Definitely my favorites.

I actually saw a GTi V outside the automotive lab at WCC.

Oh, Shnapp…:smiley:

NAPA commercials with Michael Waltrip and Dale Jr.!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Gotta say Cog. There have been a few good ones since, notably Citroens Transformer one but Hondas’ Cog still my favourite.

It took months to get right but the 2 minute long ad was worth it…

Sorry to say but mine is the LEGO Honda Element. Title says it all.

Not to be too partial, but the Mercedes G Class commercial where they’re crash testing it, and when it hits the barrier, it blows right through the wall, offices beyond, out into the parking lot…


my favorite is the audi a6 commercial where it climbs up a 31.5 degree ski jump with ease! i’ll find it and show you guys

here it is: this is the original commercial http://www.vidstogo.com/player.php?vfname=quattroskioriginal&ext=wmv

modern one: this one celebrates 25 years of quattro

(german guy)“vhat does dis do?”
(mike)“It sucks in air”
(girl)“Its defently sucking”

(officer)licence and registration…that your fast?we got a problem here?
(myfast)myfast has a problem
(driver)no sir
(officer)im gonna let you off with a warning this time
(officer)you keep that fast under control son.


ahh…volkswagon commercials own.