Favorite Autonomous Mode

Since Team 11 had those nifty shirts showing their love of autonomous mode, that got me thinking. What team had your favorite autonomous mode of all time? Not the actual part of the game but which team had the one that made you go “OMFG!!! How could they do that?!?!”

Here’s my picks for each year:

Stack Attack: Wildstang, handsdown how can you compete with someone that takes out all your stacks AND gets on top of the ramp in 15 secs?

First Frenzy: 190 Gompei and the Herd. Geting on the bar in autonomous every time is hard to compete with especially when they can play solid defense once up there.

Triple Play: I forget the team number, but the team that capped the center home goal, knocked off the side hanging tetra CAUGHT the hanging tetra and then capped the corner goal…unbelievable.

So that’s mine…what’s yours?

P.S. you don’t have to have one for each year, these were just my favorites.

Triple Play!
By far Thunderbots! (980) nobody came close to how awesome they were!!!
First they cap the center home row with the pre-loaded tetra
Next the swing there are over and take the hanging tetr, pull it out and stack on top of the corner goal
Then they drive out and stand in front of the Auto-Loader!
This is by far the best

Second would be Double deuce! (22)
They were able to start with a tetra
Turn around
Cap the center
spin 180" and fork there arm into the hanging tetra
pull back and cap the corner goal…

Thirdly i would say Wildstang (111)
There camera would search for all the positions where the vision tetras are placed.
next it would run a dead-reckon for wherever the tetra was placed and drive to it and stack it (it came so close to)

Theres my top 3

my 3 cents… :smiley:

I belief you are talking about 980 unless there is another one.
I have to agree they had one of the best ones. Also 233 could knock down and grab 2 tetras from the auto loader in auto mode, that was impresive too.
So my votes are 233 and 980


My favorite autonomous mode would have to go to team 66 for their use of the camera which I have gotten to see cap side goals in person on several occasions. To me something just seems boring about dead reckoning. Their dynamic manuevering produced by their homing in on the tetra was just so exciting to watch. When it picked it up so smooth and when it goes down its just amazing to watch it slide on. I only wish that they had succeeded in capping the center goal once, to make all that hard work worth it.

I used to be real proud of my autonomous (cap corner goal with the pre-loaded tetra, knock down hanging tetra, drive to human loader), but 980’s totally blew me away.

Don’t forget people you have three different seasons from which to pick from.

Stack Attack 2003:

Heatwave (312): they used to get all the boxes on their side.

Wildstang (111): one hell of a spider drive which smashed into the wall of boxes in less than 5 seconds.

FIRST Frenzy 2004:

Wildstang (111): Such a sweet way to knock off the 10 point ball.

B.E.A.S.T (71): Were very constant with their autonomous mode.

Triple Play 2005:

Think Pink (233): Knocked side tetra off, went to the loading zone… grabbed two tetras.

Sie H2o Bot (237): They have a really sweet robot with a very effective arm which were able to find the vision tetra using the camera and capped the side goals several times. They also got very close to cap the middle goal.

… please keep in mind that I haven’t seen EVERY single bot in action during autonomous.

I loved our auton at nationals last year…

  1. Slide down the wall
  2. Go straight, turn, go straight, turn go straight to goal
  3. Grab goal, clamp down, lift onto high torque wheels
  4. While #3 is going, the arm is raising to the ball
  5. Grab ball and lift it 9 feet in the air, ready to go steal opponents dropped balls :yikes:


Ahh, thse were the days!

I’m partial to my teams practice auto mode:

Our programmer didn’t realize how far 1/2 a second of full forward would take us. What we WANTED It to do was go forward and backward to shake down our arm, then turn and smack the hanging tetra. This is what really happened:
Go forward about 6 feet
Go Backward about 2 feet, in the process poping a wheelie
Attempt to turn to the right, while still in wheelie, doing a wheelie spin jump move
Stop just shy of the auto loader station.

I was scouting at the i saw our first practice match, i loved the dance, and was surprised how close he got to the auto loader station. Well i went down to talk to him, and i told him how close he got to the autoloader, he thought i was joking, since the team was going for the hanging tetra, not the autoloader :smiley:

The dance was awesome, since we were at the verge of tipping over, but never did.

I liked our team’s. I am the writer of my code, and I had been all morning trying to get it to do something like what I coded (or thought I had coded) it to do. Much like the previous one. I finally got it working, but all the times wereoff. Drive out about 6 feet, rotate the turret about 7 times around in a circle, ripping out the power for the pneumatic claw, and rotate the wheels 3-4 rotations. This totally messed up the rest of the match. But I got to see our cool senior driver FREAK OUT :yikes:

I loved 66 and 33 this year.

66 capped a vision in autonomous, I beleive in a first week regional.

33 was so accurate it made you sweat. Cap, knock down, drive forward, just like it was nothing.

i also like 930’s autonomous mode.

but one of my favorites were the ones that i hadn’t written for our robot. Yes, during at least two of our matches we were running autonomous modes that had not yet been written. the drive team had selected the “drive anywhere but here” mode, and the robot goes out to the middle of the field, turns toward the human player load, drives in and stops just in time.

at this point in the stands I’m saying “That cant happen, that autonomous hasn’t been written yet!!!”. Then this happened again during our first quarter finals match. Andy Brockway and i think that we have a slightly messed up RC. When the robot got back to the pit everyone was saying “Great autonomous Dillon”. i replied with “Um, it hasn’t been written yet”. Our operator Rammie then said that it proved that our robot had a mind of its own.

my favorite of all of my teams autonomous modes was the goal capping one. we were the first team at UTC to cap a goal during autonomous. it was an insanely simple autonomous mode, all it used were counters.(I’m a rookie programmer didn’t have time to figure out all that fancy analog stuff) The limit switches didn’t even want to work, but that is a completely different story. which i will not share here because of its complete stupidity.
we also managed to get a triple play several times during autonomous.

I liked ours and team 980s auto mode this year. What we did was knock down the hanging tetra then drive over to the auto loader and pick one up. And i think every one knows what 980 does.

In 2004 I liked 330 (I think it was you guys) and 71s auto mode. 330 got into hanging position, onto of the platform and all, in auto mode. And 71 drove over to the ball dropper and waited for the balls to drop.

In 2003 I liked 111 and 16s auto mode. 111 could knock over stacks where every they were at on the field and still make it up the ramp before other teams. And team 16 they got up the ram in like 2.5 seconds and started spinning around in circles.

Those are my picks for the three yeas of auto mode.

MOEbius from 365 does that. If I remember, it catches the hanging tetra about 50% of the time. Here is a picture from Pittsburgh:

When I was doing the video for Philly, we liked this auto program because the 'bot spun around a lot and looked like it was dancing. We never used the footage, but it was worth a mention.

2003: Team 60, they would quickly drive up to the top of the ramp, knocking all bins onto their side, and block the entire ramp for the whole duration of the match.

2004: Team 980, they would knock off the 10-point ball and grap a 2x ball ready to cap any goal, it worked flawlessly every time.

2005: Team 980 or 233.

easiest question ever
best autonomous ever goes to…
190 last year~ completly unique, great strategical advantage - just brilliant

2003: Wild Stang (it was the only one I remembered, hence I must have liked it)

2004: Gompei and the HERD (Just plain smart and simple)

2005: The Pink Team (233) Wow Just Wow

I have a special fondness for the TechnoKats 2004 “First Frenzy” autonomous routine that scooped the ten-point ball off the tee for later delivery to the human player.

(I’m not saying it’s the best automode I’ve seen, but the question asked for our favorite.)

2004 - I liked 33’s autonomous. They basically were guaranteed to get the ten point ball during autonomous. They got their box-shaped robot to just drive by and have a wire looking thing to just knock both balls off. I sat there and thought, why didn’t anyone else think about that?! Last year, our autonomous worked EVERY single time we practiced at school and then we got to the competition and it worked sometimes.

2005- Definitely 980 and 233. Everyone knows the reasons. :wink:

Im going to have to hand it to Pink (233?)on this one, the autonomous mode loading two tetras from the loading docks in 15 seconds… Its a beautiful thing to watch. golf claps for Pink’s programmers