Favorite Camera for vision

Not entirely happy with the field of view on most HD cameras these days 16:9, does not provide a very good vertical view and seems a little narrow when rotated. Are there any 4:3 cameras still being manufactured?

Our team is still using axis m1013 and they are working perfectly for us. Little bit pricey. Our rookie team is using the Microsoft life cam with similar success.

We are planning on using multiple logitech C270’s for all around vision on our bot. We have fish eye camera lenses for iphones that we put on them, so that they are able to get a wider view, and I am using openCV to correct the warp for image processing.

We have not done anything too crazy but we like the cheap logitech web cams you can get through First Choice. We have axis cameras but, have not have too much luck with them.

Pretty specific, but I’m a passionate fan of the Raspberry Pi camera module. It can shoot 4:3 as well as 16:9, and gets you 90 FPS at 640x480. It has incredibly good noise characteristics at fast shutter speeds(we do 1/25000 and there is negligible noise), has low latency because of the CSI interface, and is just a fantastic performer overall.

You can still set most HD cameras to a 4:3 resolution. Field of view on the MS HD 3000 seems comparable to the Axis. Also, I’ve noticed in 4:3 the vertical field of view seems to be greater than in 16:9. Not sure why.

We use the playstation eye. You can change between normal viewing angle or wide angle by just rotating the nose, can be found for $10, and will do 188fps at 320x240 with support for a ton of other resolutions and fps.

can’t ask for much more out of a camera than that.

Thanks for all of the leads.