Favorite Car

being that i am a huge car guy, i see it fit to have a “favorite car” poll. i have listed 10 cars that are both old and new, if the car you like isnt on the poll, feel free to post ur favorite car!!

I voted for the Enzo Ferrari. I saw it in the new MotorTrend and it looks sweet. I would have also voted for the 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX. I’m also a big fan of the new H2, BMW M3, and BMW M5.

I like my car because I can go outside right now, get in it, and drive away.


You’re all posers…

Lifted Jeep Cherokee 4x4

Where’s the DeLorean? :confused:

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**Where’s the DeLorean? :confused: **

Last I checked (last night), there were two Deloreans on EbayMotors. One from 81, the other from 82, and both for less than $10k, if I recall correctly.

Also postal Jeeps are cool (known as the DJ or Dispatcher). Take a look at www.postaljeep.com Can you believe that the government is destroying these vehicles that served our country for so many years?

Also, Old style Mini Coopers are kickin’ and so are Baja Bugs.

I voted for the Stingray, it is by far the best one on that list, but i happen to be quite partial to the El Camino myself.

A black VW Bug, or a Jetta.

I voted for the NSX type R. How can you say no to a turbo? I would have voted for the vette, but 75’ is the wrong year…it’s all about the 76’! Huge displacemnt!

Can someone say Land Yacht?


I love cadillacs and fighter planes. This one combines them both. Tallest production fins on a car EVER and with a 390 cubic inch engine and 10 mpg (16 highway:-)) This car is a monster.

Ohhhhh Yeeeeaaahhh!!

I love my '70 Ford F-250, its puke green, and rockin!


Dodge Vipers are the coolest looking cars, although the '93-'94 ones look more stocky and powerful than the new ones. I want one. NOW.

I don’t see any mustangs.

I think mustangs are cool.

1968 GT Mustang Shelby Cobra KR500 with a 428 CJ power plant

All the others are just pretenders to the throne…


dented green mini vans with vegetation sprouting in the back and a rubber wedge holding the window up— live the dream!

shelby series 1 all the way. you pay $150-200K for 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. totally worth it :cool:

What Kinda car does everyone own. I don’t own one but my parents have a 1994 Charcoal Gold 4 Door Dodge Intrepid.

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**1968 GT Mustang Shelby Cobra KR500 with a 428 CJ power plant

All the others are just pretenders to the throne…

-dave **



Dave's car is also nice.
Especially for naps. :D