Favorite Drive Team Salutes

You know that routine that teams have when their drive team is being introduced?

Our alliance yesterday had three teams with fairly distinctive salutes.

2052 KnightKrawler’s salute involves all four members doing a simultaneous jumpshot motion.

What are some other interesting, unique salutes?

1717’s drive team tends to do a penguin dance. They hold their arms stiffly down at their sides, keep their legs as straight as possible, and spin in a circle–er, it’s almost a waddle in circle in place.

Well, the drive team doesn’t really do much except smile, and wear our classic orange Hard hats. But we are always announced as… well I think most people know already

If not Look here

Well our drive team always put our hands in the middle and like a sports team raise and lower them while counting 1,2,3 and then we fist pump the 4 and the 5 because we are team 45. My freshman year we added on a mini game of ninja with that but that has long since stopped.

While I love the one my team does alot the I’ve come across is easily SPAM’s. The coach does his best Superman pose while the driver and operator symmetrically point to the sky while the human player stands there usually trying desperately to suppress a giggle (What would make it truly epic if the human player had a small fan blowing their capes. That would be very SPAM of them).


(Honorable mention to ComBBAT.)

Our driveteam puts their hands on the sides of their heads with their fingers sticking out (like horns) and scrap our feet against the carpet (imagine a ram about to charge).

I’ve got a pretty loud, intense Roger Daltrey style scream that I unleash when our number is called…and I sing the goat’s part in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Hearing 77WHO? 77TWO is one of my most prominent memories from the 2011 Pittsburgh Regional.

We jump, I’m not sure how it started, but now it’s just what we do.

Hehe, I always love 1717’s little penguin dance.

1094’s little fish dance is fun to watch (hands on the side of the head, go side to side, move hands like fins.)

haha, it’s the Jim Zondag jump. Put up three fingers on each hand to make 33 and jump as high as you can. …it’s Zondag. Pretty sure that doesn’t need an explanation or reason. :wink:

We have a little bunny hopping dance.

Metal Mustangs (2410) tip their hats in unison.

And of course there’s 1742 (Shock what? SHOCKWAVE!)

It also happens to be my favorite drive team “salute”. We just stand there :cool: .

Our team does the wonton soup, which is a dance where you hold your left arm straight and pretend to stir a bowl of soup with your right.

Not sure what it means, but last year team 716 the who’sCteks had a salute for a mentor that looked like they were brushing off the front of their shirt.

360 (The Revolution) drive team members spin in a circle and bow.

2046 (Bear Metal) does this thing where they gather into a circle, put their hands in the middle, and jump.

488 (Team XBot) members make an X with their forearms.

2928 (Viking Robotics) members kind of stroke the horns of the Viking helmets they wear.

That’s all I can remember from watching various Pacific Northwest regionals. :slight_smile:

Our team does what we call the “Clap Clap Whoosh”. Basically what it is is that we slap our hands on our thighs twice and then we create air tornados with both our hands (holding one finger up and circling it toward your face) and then say WHOOSH!

During one of the matches we had to change our driver station laptop so to keep the audience busy the emcee made the whole staduim do our clap clap whoosh haha