Favorite Drive Train of All Time?

Just curious to what drives others like, maybe looking to change it up for next year

Team 16 and 2481 will say swerve, while 1678 will say west coast drive :rolleyes:

This year, we’ve used a 6-wheel tank drive with omni wheels on the corners. It feels as familiar and as simple as normal tank drive, but turns much faster.

While I love swerve if a team has the resources, West Coast Drive seems to be the best option for many teams, allowing more focus on mechanisms.

8-wheel with no center drop (4 omni 4 traction).

KOP AM14U3 chassis upgraded with EVO shifters all the way.:smiley:

Every year we have used the KOP chassis (2016, 2018) we experience little to any difficulty with assembly and maintenance. It keeps together well, it is just a bit tricky to mount other mechanisms to. The shifters can really help in pushing matches or cycles down the field.

I would be wary of switching up the most important part of your robot for the sake of it. The best drive train is the one that you can build quickly and forget about while you build your manipulators.

I personally liked our drivetrain from last year. It was a modified butterfly that switched from omnis to traction. It also had a 2 speed gearbox.

Other than that, I really like Bomb Squads swerve drives every year.

Videos of ours:

Got to say, I loved our H-Drive last year. It was fast, sturdy, and the ability to go in multiple directions was beautiful.

Robot Reveal From last year:

This particular photo is the one that really got us interested in keeping the drive train “simple” in 2013. Simplicity in the drive train usually leaves enough brain power for complexity in mechanisms. What we’ve learned since then is that every drive train still requires a lot of engineering work, regardless of design approach.


Also, this one is pretty good. It is the drive train of choice for many event-winning teams every year.

poohbear drive hands down

This year we went with 4 wheel arcade style. 2 omni’s in the front and 2 plaction in the back.

Whatever we saw that one cool team do well with that one time.

:confused: Ah Yes,:smiley: I remember that one team that did well that time, that was a cool team

WCD. Simple,easy, effective, customizable, and easy to work with.

I always liked how the important part of this drivetrain is placed so high on the robot.

You mean this one? :cool:

As a 4th year driver, I feel I should add some input on this thread and I will go on my opinion and based on my feelings as a driver. I have used tank drive 3 times: 2 KOP, 1 custom west coast with an evo gearbox. I have also used mecanum once.

Starting with tank, they are all about the same but it is the gearboxes that make the real difference between a good dt and a great one. From the standpoint of the driver, the control method is what the major difference between them was for me, so look into that to see what you’re driver prefers instead of spending money on a whole new drive. He might be more effective with another control method.

Mecanum was more of an experiment for us last year and was our first custom drivetrain. Although we did get pushed around a little bit, you can still get in the way of other bots if you want to play a tap and run offense/defensive style kind of like we did. I felt it was easier to control, but then again it was a totally new control method that I was comfortable with and have kept for this season. A lot of people dislike mecanum for the very fact that it can get pushed easier than another, but a good drive team can always avoid those situations. We chose it for steamworks because we felt we needed more finesse lining up with the peg.

It really depends on the game for what drivetrain you are going to use, and instead of trying to pick one before the season, I would suggest to weigh your options on day 1 or 2 of the build season and decide then. Tank drive is always a reliable option, but mecanum can come in handy some years.

Also, swerve looks pretty fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a very different and creative drive. That’s actually extremely cool. I’d easily give them a creativity award for that.

It wasn’t even their competition robot that year (2003). Their competition robot did well, losing to the Bomb Squad at St. Louis and then getting revenge by beating them at Midwest. No creativity award, but they did win Sportsmanship (now called Gracious Professionalism) twice. Oh, and they lost at Pittsburgh to some no-name rookies called 1114. And a guy named Baker won WFA, at the Championship in Houston.

It was a pretty good year overall for 45.