Favorite Engineer

There are so many engineers that it is becoming hard to keep track of all of them. I am a fan of Thomas Edison. Not only did he invent the light bulb, but he also holds the record for the most patents. Now, who is your favorite engineer?
Don’t forget to say why they are your favorite.

Dean Kamen!

or John Matz.

Jacob Komar

Kelly Johnson


Jerry Smyth

He introduced us to Monocoque construction and we haven’t looked back.
He was a naval aviator in Vietnam. He also built his own plane from scratch and sold the plans worldwide. Don’t believe me, enter ‘Jerry Smyth’ or ‘Sidewinder’ into a search engine of your choice.
Our first robot was named Sidewinder II for Jerry.

the only engineers i admire is one who is willing to spend 6 weeks of being up till midnight.willing to spend all there vacation time with teenagers teaching them to build a robot and to be a team. a engineer willing to help a teenager back up when he messes up. a engineer that is able to with just a change of facial expression and a joke to lighten the mood even after the most horrible defeats. a engineer who realises that you cannot dwell on the bad times but must work with what you have. thease engineers that are willing to do this are the true engineers. the amount of patends a person has its what he is doing for the engineers of tomarrow.for me i only know a few engineers who are willing to do thease things and on chuck 84 we are lucky to have a few

Mark Koors

Co-owner of Andy Mark. Expert at anything!

Mark Mark he’s our man, if he can’t do it, it’s impossible!

A FIRST Engineer

can go the distance
makes a difference
celebrates teamwork
understands network
usually has a knack for:
bad spelling
bad puns
and possibly bad hair -
but it’s all good.
A FIRST engineer
can put the pedal to the metal
and the roar to the floor
when s/he chooses.

And a FIRST Engineer has heart
the size of:
(fill in the blank)
___your country
___your state/province
___your regional
___your community
___your team

That’s my favorite engineer. :slight_smile: