Favorite FF tune

What’s your favorite FF (Final Fantasy) tune?

I’ve not played all of them, but from what I’ve heard, here’s my top 3:

  1. Garnet’s singing in FF9. I’ve always loved songs with soothing melodic vocals

  2. 1000 Words (FFX-2). I don’t know why I really like this, besides the fact that the girl’s vocals are really good, and the lyrics are pretty decent.

  3. Real Emotion (FFX-2). What can I say, the song is just sweet :D. It sounds weird listening to it in American & Japanese at the same time. The intro video of the game for this also rocks by the way ( :smiley: ).

FFX-2 Yuna’s Ballad, (just because I’ve memorized it on the piano)
but for RPG songs I would have to go with Radical Dreamers- Unstolen Jewel (ending music from Chrono Cross) (I also have that memorized but it is an excellent song w/ lyrics (no i dont’ sing))

Ive only played 8 and X. :frowning:
I’d say I liked the one called Otherworld, from X. It was the song during the cutscene where Sin wrecks the Blitzball game at the start…

Otherworld is pretty good.

Here’s more I like:
Yuna’s Theme from X-2
Emiko Shiratori - Melodies Of Life (IX)
Jesters of the Moon (IX)
Vivi’s Theme (IX)
The Place I’ll Return To Someday (IX) (Town [well, most of them atleast] music)

My top three, all from FF7, are:

  1. The Jenova theme
  2. The battle music
  3. Cinco de Chocobo (the 5 over 4 that plays when you’re riding)

I have the piano music for these and a few others from FF7, and I’m currently trying to learn them…

#3 is a great song in my opinion. It’s also nice to listen to on those “big” days.

Good luck on learning the songs :wink: