Favorite Foods during Build Process

Team 2458’s favorite food is Dale and Thomas Kettle Corn and goldfish how bout you guys?:yikes:

Quaker granola bars and Rice Krispies Treats.

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In N Out Burger!!

Students take turns bringing in homemade food for the team on the weekends, helps us keep the build healthy.



We eat pretty much anything…the parents take turns providing an entire meal for us, so we are well fed! The most popular is probably taco in a bag.:smiley:

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Our students’ parents do … we get everything from sandwiches to fried rice to pizza.

By far, my favorites are all of the variations of penne pasta! I can build for many hours without getting hungry after a plate of that.

Heheheh…mine’s the baconator from wendys. I literally get it every day, and no, I’m not fat!

Pizza (with chain grease and metal shavings, of course).
There’s a pizza place directly across the street from our high school, so it’s a build season classic for us. Last year the adults got bored of it, so we also did subs, wraps, and Italian food occasionally.


Mmmm… In N Out :cool:

But for us, it’s mostly Little Caesars Pizza whenever we can get it. :wink:

  • Austin

So many to choose from… if there’s one thing the students and parents make sure of, it’s to keep the mentors well fed during build season :slight_smile:

My favorite last year was probably the taco bags we had for lunch one day. Imagine an individual sized bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese, throw in seasoned ground beef, salsa, lettuce, and whatever else you want. Shake it up and eat with a fork. yum!

So far this year… the cookies some of the students have brought in. definitely the cookies.

one of our mentors found a grill that was being discarded, so now we have a grill, mmmmmm…burgers

Orange Jawbreakers. Nothing else will do.

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Lithium grease.


What about Mtn. Dew!!! Mmmmmm… Mountain dew…


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Coke>Mountain Dew

Pita chips + animal crackers= subsistence for 6 weeks.

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umm…pizza from New World’s PIzza, a pizza place directly across from our high school, makes really hot nice, greasy/oily pizza, then we add our own ingredients, like said about chain grease and metal shavings…we’re thinking of making it interesting this year but haven’t made progress on that

Drink usually water, pepsi, diet pepsi, mountain dew, unsold drinks from Monty Madness and Kickoff…I’m glad we bought extra

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:yikes: I haven’t had animal crackers in years…there so goooooooodddddd

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  • Austin

We got a deal with a local pizza place for heavily discounted pizza every night of the season. :slight_smile:


One day some one bought chinese food and it was amazing! the next day for snack we ate cold egg rolls. it rocked!:yikes:
But everynight the parents of the 103 kids bring in dinner, usually home made and always very tasty! My mom made baked ziti. some one’s mom made burgers and hot dogs and mac and cheese. It’s pretty healthy and it gives us variety!

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