Favorite Form of Caffeine? [poll]

Alright everyone, here it is - the favorite caffeine poll (this has to be a bit late in coming). Pick your [strike]poision[/strike] favorite flavor now!

(Yes, I know Mountain Dew is twice.)

lol… figures adam would be in charge of this poll :wink:

tis all good. i don’t have a favorite form of caffeine. since it really doesn’t help me wake up. so i won’t vote

I’m a mountain dew guy through and through. It just tastes better.

The occasional bawls isn’t bad, though, and I can deal with pretty much anything.

You missed Jolt gum. However, I still like coffee; you just can’t beat the flavor. 7-11 french roast is the best coffee in existance. However, gum is the portable alternative to coffee that supports long term storage.

Nothing can beat Coke. And nothing lik supposrting local industry


How come this wasn’t an option? :smiley:

I love Mountain Dew, but when MDX is available, I will always choose that. Mountain Dew MDX is like regular Dew on steroids. :smiley:

hmm i guess i’m going to have to try that :smiley:

but normally i usually just drink coke…not sayin i dont drink other caffinated drinks :yikes: but cokes my priority…iced tea’s a close 2nd

I like Mountain Dew but up here in Canada the Dew has no caffeine unless you buy Energy. My favorite is actually Red Rave. Same ingredients as Red Bull but is 1/3 the price and tastes better.

Pure sunlight does the trick for me (rare around these part this time of year) but since that’s not an option I’ll have to say Ice teas. It kept me up for the 10 hour drive to IRI.

What happened to good, old-fashioned chocolate? It may not be so high in caffeine, but sometimes you have to take quality over quantity!

Bawls FTW!!!111!!!one!!!eleven

Definately Dew, I’m gonna get a couple of cases of bawls for our trip though, too bad they don’t sell livewire here in Alabama, have to go across the state line to TN to get it

Hot tea, with Earl Gray and Chai being my two favorites!


To really get me going, it takes Diet Pepsi. (Combine that with peppermint Trident White, and there’s no chance of dozing easily.)

Sweet tea will also work in a pinch. (Bear in mind, I’m from the South. When I say “sweet tea,” I mean sweet tea. Get a pitcher, dump in five pounds of sugar, stir it up, and you’ll get the concept.)

I have amounts of coffee to get me goin. Especially Starbucks. mmm. That and water and energy drinks. Yeah my pop drinking days are over.


Caffeinated Chocolate!
Make some today!

Mountain Dew AMP

Mountain Dew is our teams main drink.

I would definately have to agree. MDX is much better then regular dew. Now don’t get me wrong, all I drink most of the time in terms of soda is dew, but MDX isn’t bad and its the first Energy Drink that actually tastes somewhat good(of the ones I have had) My only issue is that my school sells MDX for twice the price of regular 20oz bottle of dew, so I just stick with the normal dew most of the time.

“tea! Earl Grey! Hot!” - Capt. Picard

Ive discovered to make good coffee you need boiling water, and the coffee needs to seep in the boiling water for a few minutes, which means these automatic drip coffee machines, that drizzle psuedo-hot water through coffee grounds dont quite do the job.

Once you have gotten use to having ‘real’ coffee every morning, nothing else will do.