Favorite Ice Cream...!

So yea… i WOULD have a poll… but it seems that theres like 10,000,000,000 different flavors… So just post em… wuts everyones fav flavor… wut do u suggest… I’m a Cookie Dough junkie… or… if you get experimental… take some mint choc/chip and mix it with some milk… add some cookie dough… and a lil cookies and cream… yummerz…

ima mint chocolate chip myself…or when im in the mood choclate chip cookie dough…wehn im feeling a real craving resse cups ice cream

Too many to choose from, but I loved Ben and Jerry’s Cool Britannia, can’t find it my area anymore. Turkey Hill’s mint chocolate chip is very good. And Häagen-Dazs’ Dark chocolate peanut butter. And there’s suppose to be an ice-cream store somewhere in New England that has ice cream in tea flavors. Earl Gray ice cream could be interesting…


Temporarily out of service

Chocolate Covered Crunchy Frog


w00t w00t!!!

…Don’t worry…I’m ok… twitch

oh my goodness you do the “w00t w00t” thing too???

Cookie Dough or Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food or Godiva’s White Chocolate Rasberry

Way too easy,

Cookies and Cream by Breyers and
The Thin Mint Girl Scout ice cream from Edy’s!

Mint Chocolate Chip most definately.

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**oh my goodness you do the “w00t w00t” thing too??? **

No, not usually…But I was trying to seem very excited…Did it work? lol

i seldom buy the same flavor twice

best ice cream i’ve ever had is Coldstone…yah, AZ and CA ppl know what i’m talking about…do they have coldstone anywhere else? For the uninitiated, Coldstone is like the Krispy Kreme, or the Starbucks of ice cream. It’s a hope chapel ritual.

Cold stone…how could i forget about cold stone…yum…Esp, when the guy behind the counter gives you free ice cream…

Now Melissa…What do you have to do to pull that one off?


Um…I talk to him…that’s be it…


My Most Favortie is COFFEE
my FAVORITE is Mokey Nuts…don’t ask
i like super man kind to!
well i liek ice cream! hehe=)


www.benjerry.com … 'nuff said…

doods, have any of you ever had cinammon flavored ice cream? I’ve never seen it here in the US, but when I went to France last summer, it was all over the place. Oh man, I’ve never had it before or since, but it’s still gotta be the BEST ice cream flavor eva!

Anything but vanilla, chocolate or half and half!!
Soft ice cream is evil… can you guess what my job involves???
Ummm… what was that thing I used to get all the time… ummm… raspberry bugaboo fudge or something! it was so good… and they dont have it anymore :frowning: So let’s see… yea… soft ice cream is evil… and alwayz tip the ice cream girl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

The ice cream places should give bigger scoops…

And Judy - Soft ice-cream is good…And I dare say that McDonalds has decent soft stuff ice-cream…

I love Ben and Jerry’s Bovinity Divinity…but if your from NH, and you know where Goldenrods is in Manchester, NH…YUM YUM…my favorite favorite favorite is bubble gum ice cream from goldenrods…YOU GET LOTS AND LOTS OF ICE CREAMS, AND ITS CHEAP…like a small is huge and i can never finish it…