Favorite Match of 2023 Thread

What was your favorite match from this past season? Watching 1561 this season was such a treat, so when I saw they would be with 2056 in Archimedes QM44 I set multiple alarms making sure I wouldn’t miss the match.

spoiler alert they went off


Qual 119 On Curie, hands down, my favorite match, 2 supercharges, (and i was on drive team as operator) and that climb during endgame was so incredibly smooth, everyone snapping to place as time runs out

wow such fluid cycles

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Playoff Match 3 Daly Division
Highest Clean Score
First time Super charging
Went up against a VERY tough alliance
We won


Rocket City Finals 2
Everything that happened in this match was unexpected. Two robots tipped and another lost a battery.
Could be a contender for the craziest match of the season.
It was very nerve-wracking to watch in the moment but the match itself was very exciting.


I wanted to add Quals 11 Green Country Regional for the ROBODUCKS as a match they shouldn’t have won because no one on their alliance could do cones. At 54 seconds left, you realized they’d filled up as much of the grid as they could and that red had the lead, but blue (1561’s alliance) all balanced the charge station while the red alliance tried to score more on the grid and didn’t balance.


Fri March 2 - 4th match at Port Hueneme. Watching 4414 perform at that level that early in the season was jaw dropping.


For me, it is Archimedes Q116.

  • 2056 vs 254
  • 2056 guarantees rank 1 if they win
  • %45 to %55 on Statbotics (both alliances are stacked)
  • The dramatic cube steal from 254 made us scream

There was an elims match at the CHS Bethesda regional where a robot tipped over and their alliance partner got them back up, I’ll have to look for it though.

FiT Distict Champs, Mercury Division, Q71, featuring 118, 148, and 3005 on the blue alliance. Their fluid cycling and willingness to use all three entry points into the community really opened a lot of eyes to how this game would be played at the highest level. Usually in a qualification match with three robots at this level there’s a bit of chaos and getting in each other’s way, but this alliance orchestrated things perfectly.


supercharged before it was even a thing :rofl: reminds when 2017 pilots would spin extra gears on their fingers


personal drive team bias but Finals 3 at NE District Champs was insane


  • 1757 (my team :D) in a practice match each field got to themselves before broke part of their arm, had to fix in a very short amount of time
  • absolutely stacked alliances on both sides
  • single penalty is really the decider
  • red alliance barely misses last second engage
  • completely filled grid on red
  • crowd goes nuts is a nice touch
  • tiebreaker

as the guy behind the sticks, this was (with personal bias) my favorite match to experience


FMA Districts Finals 3
Crazy endgame for the win


Quals match 74 of midwest regional
Why? 111+112 :heart:
Also it was a very balanced match and very high score for week 2

Archimedes elims match 5
I would have liked if both alliances were performing to the best of their abilities, but still enjoyed the outcome of the match.

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I don’t follow events or matches closely enough to have an objective favorite, so this is my extremely biased opinion. Greater Pittsburgh Regional Q74

Why you might ask? Well, it was my team against 2 high-seeded teams, including 1 and 6. We did EXACTLY what we needed to do, with the 1 seed intentionally playing aggressive against us (with permission, for scouting reasons), and it ended… well, you’ll see! I made a post about it in our OA build thread too: FRC 3181 Pittsford Robotics 2023 Build Thread - #17 by Fletch1373

Another biased opinion, but BattleCry Semifinal 9. Double balance in auto, plus the last minute moves by 2370 are absolutely incredible.




I know this is a question about “favorite match” and therefor there is no objective correct answer.

But FMA DCMP F3 is the objectively correct answer.


I mean if we’re talking Port Hueneme nothing beats Finals Match 1. I couldn’t believe how close it was for nearly the entire match.

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