Favorite matches/parts of the BAE regional

There were a lot of good matches at this regional, well it’s my first year on a FIRST team and I thought they were amazing anyway. I didn’t expect the competitions to be as fun as they are (despite all I have heard about theire awesomeness).

My favorite match of the competition was probably the 4 hanging robot match with 40, 138, 213, and 319. The score for that game ended up being 140-145 I beleive (correct that if it was the next match, can’t remember) which was the highest of all the matches that I saw. Even though one of them didn’t count because it was resting on another robot, seeing all 4 robots hanging there was very cool.

Wow, FIRST competitons are FUN :slight_smile:

The best feeling is watching your bot work flawlessly. Just, when something you poured your heart and soul into lifts iteslf off the ground effortlessly . . . it’s fantastic.

Also, winning the Rookie All Star Award when you TOTALLY don’t expect to, AND think you are dead and won’t be going to Nationals, is the best thing ever.

A big thanks to all the help from 121 over the whole season, thanks to all the teams that helped us out in the pits, and thanks to all our alliance partners.