Favorite music for robot videos

I’m in charge of training the new PR and HR people of the team next year, so as part of their training, I decided to have them create a robot showcase video for any of our past robots. I have video, pictures, computers, and all things necessary except one thing: Music. Though I know they all will have their own ideas, I don’t want some crazy songs being played, that aren’t very exciting to listen to, or have to watch 10 videos all featuring “Mr. Roboto” by Styx. So, what would you suggest as possible music selections for my students to use? I’d prefer them to be epic, upbeat, somewhat fast, and good to listen to songs.


Requiem for a Dream. My favorite song ever!

Robot Rock

Two staples of competition music.

Mind Heist- Zack Hempsey
Heart of Courage- Two steps from Hell

I also suggest looking back at teams to see what music they used.
For example:
111 from 2004
118 from 2011
254 from 2011
148 from 2010
148 from 2009
33 from 2011

beat me to it.

any neo classical music that has enough energy is good. Hans Zimmerman, Chris mansell, movie soundtracks are a good place to start usually. i’ve always thought that music should be without worlds. it distracts a tiny bit from the video.

On our end-of-season promotional video this year, I used Sandstorm [Darude], I Can Walk on Water, I Can Fly [Basshunter], Dragostea Din Tea [O-zone], The Final Countdown [Europe…yes it is kind of cheesy but oh well…], Twilight Zone [2 Unlimited], and No Limit [Franca Morgano]. That said, a lot of those are more dance/upbeat than you may be looking for, but they’re all competition standards.
Other favorites:
Eye of the Tiger [Survivor]
Highway to the Danger Zone [Kenny Loggins]
It Goes Around the World [ATC or one of many remixes]
Kerncraft 400 [Zombie Nation]
Kotahitanga [Oceania]
Tunnel Alliance’s remix of Sandstorm
Sirius [The Alan Parsons Project]
Basshunter has a lot of good songs, although they aren’t played at competition enough.
Serenata Immortale [Immediate Music]…very epic!
Maybe the Halo soundtrack?

Anything by Ratatat.

Eight years later, still the benchmark I compare others to.

Another one to throw on your list: “The Fire” by The Roots](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfBOeu9m64E). Theme music for our whole season.

Road to Revelation Road to Revelation works great for anything dramatic
Magika This would be awesome for a robot unveiling
To Glory Video from a competition that you did well at + To Glory=pure epic

Utah Saints Techknowledgy is the song I would like to most use for a FRRB with Pendulum’s Granite an ideal second.
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO2X0nIhrtM&feature=channel_video_title) and Youtube actually took it down for a year due to the song owners complaining about my use of their music(be aware there are certain companies that are very aggressive about the use of their intellectual property and will go after your creation with a vengeance no matter what the intention). They surprisingly put it back up a year later.

I always mute the sound on robot videos so I won’t have to listen to the weird muzak.

Darn, this is what I was going to say. Some trance would work.

AC/DC is a good choice.

Thunderstruck is the best. But any of them would work.

MOE 365 did a 10-year robot retrospective in 2009. Here is a link to our video, which may contain some music selections for you.

Would love to see what your team comes up with. Be sure to post the link to the finished product on CD.


Anything from the Robowranglers!

World-class Western/European artists have been writing and performing “epic, upbeat, somewhat fast, and good to listen to” music for centuries. Try a few that have brought audiences to their feet decades. Also, many of these bear the “Used in a Bug Bunny cartoon” :wink: seal of approval).

Think outside the box.

1812 Overture
William Tell Overture
Flight of the Bumble Bee
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Pictures at an Exhibition - The Great Gate of Kiev
Beethoven’s 5th
Hallelujah Chorus
Anvil Chorus
Carmina Burana (Fortuna, Imperatrix Mundi)
Flight of the Valkyries
The various short dances from The Nutcracker
Night on Bald Mountain (and other pieces featured in Disney’s Fantasia)
Bolero (think of ice dancing, not Dudley Moore movies)

More recent compositions that I like, that seem to have some staying power, are Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, and parts of his Rodeo ballet.

Perhaps an Olympic Fanfare.

A piece I particularly enjoyed playing for one year’s HS Concert Band piece was Russian Christmas Music. Folks either love it or hate it; but the right arrangement does a great job of drawing you in early and then steadily building to magnificent wall-of-sound finale.

Perhaps an Olympic Fanfare?

Like I suggested above, think outside of the box.

In general I think that FIRSTers show a lack of love to the world of hip hop and rap. I’m thinking any of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Drake or Lil Wayne all have tracks that qualify under “epic, upbeat, somewhat fast, and good to listen to songs.”

If Hip Hop isn’t to your liking, then take a page out of the playbooks of the sporting world. NFL Films has one numerous Emmy’s for their amazing packages featuring all sorts of inspiring classical music. Also, many sports highlights montages have borrowed extensively from the soundtracks from films such as Rudy, Seabiscuit, Remember the Titans, etc.

Here are some great examples of epic sports montages with great music: (Seriously, I could watch these all days long)

2011 Miami Heat Team IntrosPhil Collins - In The Air Tonight
2010 World Cup, Landon Donovan’s Game Winner – Theme from Rudy
2008 Summer Olympics
2008 NBA Playoffs
2008 Phoenix Suns Intros
2007 Toronto Raptors Playoff Intro
2006 Toronto Raptors Team Intros Jay-Z/Beyonce - Crazy in Love
2002 Winter Olympics Recap – Remember The Titans
1997 NBA Finals Recap – R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
1996 NBA Finals Recap – The Outfield - Winning it All
1995 Michael Jordan Returns to the NBA
1996 Summer Olympics Recap – Beethoven’s Ninth
1992 NFC Championship Game
1992 Summer Olympics, Derek Redmond
1991 NBA Finals

I believe we forgot My Hero- Foo Fighters

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a robot video featuring “Big Pimpin’” by Jay-Z as much as the next guy; however, I think the amount of profanity and blatant sexual references in most of the songs performed by those artists doesn’t appeal to the reputation of FIRST teams, some of whom may or may not be making the video to show to members of their community.

I find it ironic how people always assume that “most” Hip Hop songs are profane, while people are more than fine to turn a blind eye to the lyrics in other genres. No one seems to care that Thunderstruck by AC DC talks about strippers performing sexual acts on customers, or that Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind is about crystal meth usage. (Just picking a couple of popular FIRST tunes off the top of my head) Seriously, take a moment to really listen to the music played at a regional, it’s not nearly as clean as you think it is.

You are right though, some songs are blatant with their profanity and should be avoided. Luckily, you can usually find a radio edit of most which would be appropriate for most audiences.