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Everyone knows the four seasons of the year: Pre-Season, Build Season, Competition Season, and Off-Season. What is your favorite season and why?

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Build all the way. That is when you have to deal with robotics on a daily basis and you are thinking of the design and other stuff…

I gotta go with Build, It may be the most stressful time but its also the time in which I can test my self the most to get stuff done on time

I have to say off season cuz my teams attends tons of off season comps and they are just soooo much fun. Build season is a close second though.

Build for me. There’s just so much to do then. There’s never a dull moment, and I enjoy getting to have fun with my friends in the shop for 4 or more hours every day. My second would be competition season, but the long interludes between the action makes it a little less appealing. Build wins, because it’s just six weeks of non-stop robotics.

competition season, cuz there’s FUN trips to regionals and nats, followed closely by off season, purely cuz there’s less work while still competing…i like competition:D

Build is my favorite. That and the time period between build and our first regional. Its when I get to actually sit down and work on my programming. It might be hard work, but a lot of fun in the process.

My favorite is build, definately. It’s great to have stuff to do everyday, and weekends. The atmosphere is so comfortable and I love being with friends all the time. Competition is great too, but I like to work on the test bot, tweaking sensors and programming and stuff like that. Plus we got free food on the weekends from the local deli :D.

I really enjoyed build, but I think I liked competition because there was always something to do or someone to talk to.

I like the build season. If nothing else, its a way to get out of homework and spend lots of time with all my friends!

Build season is so much fun, but it wouldn’t be any fun if it wasn’t for competition season. Being both a strategist, and a competitive guy, I would have to vote for Competition Season all the way :yikes:

Im partial to competition season because there is nothing better then spending 24 hrs on a bus or 8 hrs on a plane to nationals with the team!!! Plus competions are like no other place on earth! i live for the times when i can see Dean in person riding that Segway or actually walking!!

I want another selection…the entire year. Preseason is fun because you anticipate the unexpected, and get to play around with test mules, and be really creative. Your still doing some off season comps then too. Build is fun because your creativity is stretched designing, and mentoring the youngins. The season is fun because, at least here at WPI, we go to interesting places. THe past few years we’ve gone to Long Island, Virginia, San Jose, Seattle, Houston, Florida. Off-season is the most intense I think. Teams have now had enough time to work through things they didn’t during the real season, and the competitive spirit is quite a bit higher. I think some of the best competition is during the offseason. anywho, my vote is for the whole year!

The competition season is definately the most fun! Thats when you get to travel, meet everybody, have fun, and show off the robot that you’ve been working on for forever!! Plus, the competition season is the best season to go out and get all of the fun buttons!! Definately a plus!:smiley:

I would have to agree with Deej. All the seasons are great. The pre-season you get to meet all the new team members and know that you will become good friends with several of them. The competition season you have endless days of fun building the robot or thinking of the best way to do something. Then comes the party in the Competition Season. In the post season comes all the after parties where you get to see your friends that you first met in the preseason.

Nothing says FIRST like the build season. It’s what’s FIRST is all about. The creativity, the innovation, the strategy, the teamwork, the planning. The excitement of what will be. It’ s the main course.
The competition season is just the desert. Unless you work in the pits or are on the field as the drive team, your work is mostly done (except for team spirit) so mostly it’s fun.
The pre season is the entree. Light and not very filling. Just prep before the main course really.
Off season is bed time. All you think about is " I can’t wait til next year". It’s the worst season, obviously.

For me, it was always about Competition Season. I loved build, that’s for sure… but only in competition could I have the chance to meet up with friends on other teams, compare notes, and see what kind of creative solutions other teams came up with for the same problem.

i would have to say a tie in all four…

Build season cause you get to work with all your friends and see your creations come to life…(and sleep and work at school all through the night and morning)

Off Season because you get to do demos for all people and you get to have stress less fun (usually)

Competition Season because you get to see your creations at work and just get to hang with people and friends you dont see very often!

Pre Season because of the stress of wondering whats going to be this years game and knowing its only days or weeks away from being revealed.


Build season for me because thats when I learn the most and get to stay up late at Johnson and Johnson building our robot… Also during this time is when our team decides on how we tye-dye our team shirts, after that we get to tye-dye 300 shirts! FUN FUN FUN!!!

But I do love the competition season because I get to wear all my buttons and I get to collect more… Plus I get to see all my friends I have made…

Pre-Season and offseason are fun though because you can relax more instead of worrying too much about scouting and all the regular stuff…

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**Im partial to competition season because there is nothing better then spending 24 hrs on a bus or 8 hrs on a plane to nationals with the team!!! Plus competions are like no other place on earth! i live for the times when i can see Dean in person riding that Segway or actually walking!! **

I absolutely have to agree with you 100% on that one!!! There is nothing better than 8 hrs. on a plane with the team… especially with Starkey… hehe… there is no place on earth like competitions… they are one of a kind. It’s like a whole “nother” side of people comes out during competitions… and hey, who can say that they don’t love the late nights with the team… or getting home at 2 in the morning after being up for the past 24 hours!?

And I to live for the times when i can see Dean in person… riding the segway. marry me dean, j/k!!