favorite part of FRC

what is your favorite aspect of FRC? is it the camaraderie, the complexity, competition, the cooperation, etc etc?

LAN parties!!!:smiley:
Just kidding, the best part has to got be the competition, hands down.

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for me it has to all the fun and crazyness of build season and compitition

the joy of the end of build season and the fun of the competetion to see how other approached this year game Logomation help me gave reputatio n on here

Personally, I like being able to use my hands and do something that allows me to feel accomplished, like my work actually meant something to others. I enjoy working with and "“hanging out” with my friends (FIRST is one of those crazy exeptions to the rule that you can’t have fun while doing work).

I enjoy seeing those around me change and learn. Being a Senior, I remember how I was back as an underclassman… and helping the rookies learn their way around the machines and robot systems is quite an experience, it makes me feel like I am helping my team attain a sustainable future.

Competition is also an amazing time, fun and exiting. FRC competitions give the members a chance to prove themselves to their community (Friends, family, fellow FIRST members…). Competition allows for us to meet other teams and their members, and make friends with people who prove to be just as big a nerd as you:D

I liked the atmosphere wheter its at the competition or just a general meeting with the team. Also the social part with it, some of my best friends have come from being involved with FRC plus I got friends all around the world now from this. In addition to the social but the connections I have gotten from this is just amazing. And of course all the things you learn whether it was technical, leadership, teamwork. FRC is just my favorite thing overall.