Favorite Poke'mon

So I was just talking recently and reminsing about old TV shows and a debate about the best pokemon and Henceforth I beginth this Thread to determind thine most epic pokemon.

I got go with poliwag/poliwhirl. I use lots of TM’s on him in conjunction with his hypnosis. With the variety, he rounds out any good team especially since he has water absorb.

All around, you can’t beat my Poli’s. :smiley:

Mew is definitely the best Pokemon ever.!
Not Mew-Two or whatever, because he was scary and lame.

But Mew was fawesome. ;D
…&Pink, and…Yeah.

Charmander was pretty great too.(:.

Mudkip ftw!

no way Cyndaquil is totally the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmm, it depends.
Throwing out all the silly games past Red/Blue(Green), there’s no doubt that psychic pokemon were the best, and Alakazam and Mewtwo were the best of them. Yeah, you could gameplan around how to beat psychic pokemon, but the fact that only a handful of pokemon were effective against them and other trainers were practically forced to carry them showed how dominant they were.

Now, in terms of overall favorites, I gotta go with Articuno. Loved that bird :slight_smile:

First off it needs to be noted that red and blue had all of the best Pokemon. My personal favorite was Pidgeot, but that is because I had mine trained up high enough that he could take out any other Pokemon in one hit, including Mewtwo and the legendary birds.

Mewtwo. Hands down. He’s a Haxor.

Sorry but i have to go with Lugia. on mine I had him so skilled he could not be hit and took out everyone in one hit.

However, you can’t forget about the one of the best and a starter poke’mon Pikachu. and my second favorite Dragonite with maxed stats.

Raichu and Jolteon… I like their colors…:cool:

most deff for me politoed and Ampharos :slight_smile: love them both we should do a pokemon battle thingy at champs ill have my DS wit diamond

No way, politoed ruins the poli’s. (sorry, just one of my least favorite pokemon) Got to agree on Ampharos though.


Seriously, he was a tank. A well raised Snorlax could have well over 500 Hp and ridiculously high Defense. Not to mention he was so cool that he blocked your path… Twice.

This commic sums it all up


Ahhh Cyanide and Happiness. Best webcomic ever.

I have to say Scyther. Those sword arms could take out anything.
Electabuzz is a close second though.

Due to its legendary pursuit in Red/Blue, I must go with Mew. Apparently there is a way to get her in Red/Blue, other than previous bogus claims.

It is either that, or one of the dragons from the original 151. 152 and past, I have no sentiment with.

//starts looking for his red version…

I thought about that myself. But I could never delete a pokemon I’ve raised. I think I’ll buy a used one for $5 somewhere. That is of course, if I ever find the time.

All that needs to be said…

… best pokemon ever