Favorite Regional/District

What is your favorite regional/district and why?

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My favorite Districts are the FiM Southfield Event & Ontario Windsor. The Southfield event always seems to be the place to be week 1 in Michigan. Going to the Windsor Event an amazing experience, great venue and amazing people. I hope I can go back there soon as a competitor or as a spectator.


This is just going to be people talking about how great their regional/district is.

With that said, PNW, easy.


I like SNH and UNH. Both NH comps that usually aren’t insanely competitive but are still really fun. Every year I go they’re just such great comps.


I may be a little biased but I really really like west Michigan, it is a very even event usely and very competitive and a great event to compete at

Definitely biased, but PNW is top. Our A/V crew is pretty amazing, and we have a lot of good teams so every year different teams end up at the top with their moment to shine.

Outside of my own district, the Sacramento Regional is fun to watch even though it tends to be kind of a blowout, and FiM is pretty dense as well.


I really liked the Bedford and Woodhaven FiM districts when they were a thing, shame that they aren’t happening anymore. Of the FiM events that currently are happening, I’d say Livonia is a pretty awesome venue. It’s like that building was built to host an FRC event (outside the bleachers).
UWindsor is also an awesome venue for an event (attended in 2015).

Out of the 3 MSC venues, I’d rank them

  1. EMU
  2. SVSU
  3. DeltaPlex

If there was a way to have 160 teams at EMU with the 4 field setup, that would be awesome. However, I know that’s not realistic.

Whatever one where my team is competing.


…or the one I’m at.

My favorite official FIRST events are:

  1. FLR. It’s home it’s obvious.
  2. MSC. The pinnacle of FIRST competition. What’s not to like?
  3. Orlando. A nice event with some of the nicest people in all of FIRST to hang with.

My top 3 fave off season events.

  1. IRI. A family reunion in the middle of the FIRST All-Star game. THe best event in all of FIRST.
  2. Battlecry. So much fun. Everyone needs to have the Battlecry Experience once in their lifetime!
  3. Rah Cha Cha Ruckus. My opinion is biased but we work hard to have one of the best run events in all of FIRST (FLR field crew run the event). Cool venue ( the Main Street Armory which has been confirmed haunted by the Ghost Hunters ) gives the event the perfect vibe!

what in the world :cold_sweat:

It’s week 1… used to be week 0.
It’s big - 64 teams.
It’s very competitive, but most regionals are.
Teams compete in Myrtle Beach from SC, NC FL, NY, HI, OH, WV, TN, HW, AL, & IL - Brazil, The Netherlands… so, we get to interact with members from many different walks of life.
It’s loud (very loud) and fun…they like to dance.

Rocket City is also awesome. Although, they need to increase the seating. Love the teams there. We’ve established several long distance collaborations in RC.

Our favorite off season is SCRIW…To be honest, it’s the only off season event we attend.

Wait…You complete in a haunted venue?
Any personal stories/ interactions confirming the haunting?

My favorite regional is a Week 4 regional held in a college basketball stadium for a team in the Missouri Valley Conference in a city on a river.

I am of course, referring to the Central Illinois Regional. So many memorable moments for my team have happened there, a lot of great teams attend, and we always have a good time there. International teams also always show up, so that’s great to see. The machine shop isn’t exactly the best I’ve seen, but it’s enough for what you need most of the time.

Honorable mentions go to Kansas City before the convention center got destroyed due to the nearby hotel needing to be nuked from orbit was torn down and Great Northern, which was a surprisingly good experience and well worth the 8 hour drive. We might try to make it back in the near future if we can.

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Undoubtedly FIT. New district, decent venues for the events. Also a little biased cause I’m from 1817. But here’s my favorite venue/least favorite.

Favorite venue? Amarillo. Great seating, amazing A/V crew, hilarious M/C / GA.

Least favorite venue? DCMP. So crowded. There was a certain area of stands blocked off for scouters with badges, also they had UIL FTC states there at the same time… so imagine fitting 30+ FTC teams the first day, 60+ the 2nd day, ONTOP of 64 FRC teams/a good chunk of seating cutoff for scouters. Other then that, the venue was decent. No consession stands which sucked.

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Lake Superior/Northern Lights Regional in Duluth Minnesota, not only is it two regionals in one venue it is also the biggest FIRST event outside of the championships. Not to mention there are many things to do in Duluth and some local places offer discounts to competing teams. That is why there are many perennial teams which include mine. Since our founding, we have competed in Duluth

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PNCMP is the usually obvious choice for anyone you talk to in PNW, and I am no exception.

For strictly district events, even though its not the most competitive the West Valley district event has been consistently hands down the best run event ive been a part of, both as a student and as a volunteer. Even through crazy issues (2017 missing part of the airship, 2018 grounding issues with the climbing bar and the AV equipment) the hosting of 2147 alone makes the event a blast, and I always look forward to all of the events they host.

They also own (or at least, I haven’t found any other event) the record of consecutive years with a match having x-0 score (2015-17) which is obviously makes it the best /s


I’d say that the Glacier Peak Event is arguably one of the most competitive district events in the world.


For PNW I have to agree with dcmp, but the wilsonville event was always my favorite district. 1425 always has a special way of making the event feel special, whether it was a castle wall decoration for stronghold or an airship setup for steamworks in the front entrance

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I’d definitely say it was the most competitive in the PNW, what with 2910, 2930, 4911, 2976, and 1983 there. It’d be hard to find a better event in a lot of places, especially if 2046 had been there.