favorite regional

of those who went to different regionals, which regional did you like the most, or had the best experience?

i only went to the MMR, and i felt it was done very well, and aside from not winning, i had a great time.

the party was awesome.

My favorite without a doubt is Kennedy. I realize that it is outside, it may be hot or rain, but there is something about robots competing in the shadow of the rocket garden, being able to see a rocket launch at the end of the second day and who can compete with having a party under a Saturn 5 !! I have heard that this may be the last year at KSC, if that is true then I’ll be very sad.

Don Taylor
Team (3+4)^3

ps not to mention being able to compete year after year with Heat Wave, Demolition Squad, Spam et. al.

I may be biased but the CANADIAN REGIONAL was by far the best that I saw this year!

(And no, it was not the only regional I went to :slight_smile: Both Cleveland and GLR were both very well run)


KSC but that is prolly since it is the only regional i went to.

I don’t know about the regional itself, but I like watching Motorola Midwest or West Michigan…those two regionals somehow have really interesting elimination matches every year (except, this year all regionals were equally interesting.)

I was at the GLR and Canadian Regioanls…

The competitions were just as thrilling at both, altho there were a few more teams at the GLR.

The party at the CR was way better than the GLR…But the GLR was still good.

Gotta say the Canadian Regional was better overall.

I went to NYC and Canadian regionals, I liked the Canadian regional better.


I went to the Long Island regional and the New England regional. The competition at the New England regional was second to none and for that reason is my favorite regional this year.

Given the choices

  1. The Texas Lone Star Regional
  2. The Philadelphia Alliance Regional

I liked each regional for different things but id have to say that overall the LSR was better…Philly is my home town so it’s a different experience than traveling to another state to compete…the pits, although crazier in Texas, were about 10x’s bigger or so they seemed…the team party in Texas was better only because i live 25 minutes away from the Franklin Institute and in elemntary school they loved to take class trips there…the only thing about the Texas regional that i can complain about is the fact that our team got stuck at the airport an extra day…thats not FIRST’s fault (US Airways) and i missed yet another day of school(with block scheduling missing school is tough)

Any regional except the St. Louis regional, really just any other one, I’ll even let you pick…


I went to Silicon Valley to compete and Southern California to voulenteer. I’d have to say that I much prefered Silicon Valley, but perhaps I’m biased. I do NOT like the Southen California atmosphere (read: you can’t breathe there!). There is also no contest between the amount of team sprit I saw at Silicon Valley compared to Southern California. Though… the Gila Monsters have that awsome cheer that almost makes up for it! (And the one team with the drums was really cool…) Shrug.

I went to both San Jose (SV) and Los Angeles (SoCal) to work. Both of them were well run and well put on. I have to say i enjoyed Silicoln Valley the best. The teams were louder there (even though there were fewer teams) and there was more room to move around the field area. SoCal was actually very cramped when it came to space. Additionally, you could walk around outside of the Silicoln Valley regional withough worrying about getting shot. (The SoCal one was in an extremely high crome area) I have to agree with Jon that SV was the best.

Although SoCal did have one thing that SV did not: The Baker/Jason sumo match!!!