Favorite robot posters and other wall decorations

Hi all,

Our FLL (and soon aspiring FTC) team just had the good fortune of being offered a permanent space in a former storage loft at our school. We were up cleaning it and moving things around for the first time tonight, and were thinking about how to decorate it. Some ideas include:

  1. Robot / science posters
  2. A big button board to put buttons from other teams (we have about 100 from our swap board at the World Festival this year, which is a great start, but would love to collect more)
  3. white board & TV monitor
  4. pictures of our season, previous robots/projects, etc.
  5. posters from other teams

But there is a limited amount of wall space that can be used for such things, so I thought I would ask:

What are your favorite robot posters? (please provide a link to amazon / zazzle / etc., if possible)
Anything we should keep an eye out for as a must-have?


Shameless self-promotion: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107120

FTC Yellow Banners :slight_smile:

Not sure how helpful this would be for FTC, but a drill/tap chart is always very helpful in FRC.

This thread has many great pictures of FRC robots that can be printed to poster size .

Deviantart has alot of really great images to choose from. Just type in what you are searching for, whether it be robot or FIRST (there is a FIRST group on DA) and see what comes up!

Thanks, everyone. We are also kind of fond of this one (“Where’s WALL-E?”)

We’ve got some kids starting FTC at a different site – this room is pretty much FLL-only (it’s not FTC-sized… well, it would be a tight squeeze).