Favorite Robot

What is your favorite robot that your team has made over the years?

If you could include the name, year, and description (maybe a photo?) that would be great! For me it would be our 2013 robot “Captain”

Major Tom, who played the 2009 game “Lunacy”.




For me it’s gotta be Phoenix, our 2012 bot (but hopefully Zuko, our 2016 bot, will be better!).

I’m partial to 16’s 2014 robot, Nighthawk. Here’s a video: http://youtu.be/lcsi4zBwIjc

I like our 2015 robot, Acervus (team 2512)


I rather like our 2013 robot, Reptar. You can’t tell from a distance, but the entire thing is frighteningly asymmetrical. The battery is on the back right side of the chassis, and the box-shaped structure above the chassis was rather awkward (Here’s what it looked like, from a top view). As a freshman, I put all of those lights on the robot. If I remember right, there was around 7 feet of LED strips inside that thing :smiley: It was our first regional win in team history, our first blue banner, our first time in championship eliminations, and it became the inspiration that pushed us to improve in the years since.

I’m partial to our 2013 robot, Taz. It was my first year in FRC, and IMO probably one of the best years for Strategy. Literally the day after the game was released, we had a strategy in mind that the team agreed on, and prototyping was both fast and gave conclusive results, so we were able to constantly iterate on the few prototypes that we chose.