Favorite Robotics Quotes 2004

I know that there have been threads like this in years past, but since last time I checked some of those, they were in the triple digits pages, I thought I would start one for just 2004 robotics quotes (I’m sure there’ll be plenty!) I’ll start off

From Dane, president of the HOT Alumni Association:
"-Gas Money to go to GM for 3 weeks… $100
-Time spent away from friend and family to build a robot…3 weeks

  • Money spent on the robot…$750
  • Looks on the kids faces when winning an award and making it to semifinals…PRICELESS"

One of our guys, Dave, got hit in the head at Chesapeak when our robot ran off the cart. He went to the hospital and got 6 staples and is fine now (and was back later that day and the next), but durring the final ceremony the guy from the naval base said: “I know your heads probably hurt by now…”

Dave said “You dont know the half of it!”

We had these platforms that went over a vehicle lift and they weren’t very strong. One of our mentors stepped in a spot that he was not supposed to step on because it was so weak. We told him “Brian, you’re not supposed to walk there.” He quickly replied…

“I’m a FREAKIN’ mentor, I can walk on FREAKIN’ water.”

The 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition will always boil down to one quote in my mind:

Dave says, “That’s pimp.”

When Sam, our webmaster, was building this year’s website, he was polling the entire team for catchy phrases to include on the main page. So this guy named Sean, who now happens to be our human player, suggested the phrase “No geeks were harmed in the making of this website”. Immediately, and I mean like 2 or 3 seconds, after saying that, Sean leaned back in his chair and crashed onto the floor. Man that was funny stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up using his suggestion.

hmm favorite quote other than “dave says…” well that honor would have to goto steve shade, and what he put on my shirt… “A-Team Shade 1111” but then again that would be somthing that very few would understand

We had 3 good quotes…all somehow applying to programming…

“It’s all in the programming”
“Our robot is a BIT overweight”
“I have no faith in our program” – this one was actually a fraudian slip from one of our mentors…he ended up being right, in the end.

Well, I’d have to say that one of my favorite quotes this season would be either:
Blame Tom!”-Everyone on Team#66 during bulid season.


Maybe thatwasn’t the best idea.”-Me watching a qualifying match at GLR.

Wink Tom Wink
Why can’t I do everything…
I can drive with my feet, shoot with my hands, and i’ll program inbetween after i fix the robot…
Wink Tom Wink

Always wanting to do EVERYTHING…

Our best quote would had to have come from while we were working on programming in our pit. We were testing our X2 ball grabbing arm, when it unexpectedly flew out. Our lead mechanic happened to be standing in front of it, eating a Boston Cream doughnut, which the arm caught and threw across the pit. There was chocolate frosting and cream filling everywhere, on the arm, on the tool chest, and for some reason, there was a huge amount on a can of WD 40. Everyone stared in shock for a moment, wondering if he was hurt, while he just stared at his hand. “My doughnut!” was all he could manage to say, and everyone just burst out laughing.

One of our team members recorded a whole bunch of quotes from this season, but the only one that comes to mind right now (besides a couple from our team leader involving her kidneys) was from one of our alumni: “I’m a safe driver! Look! I’ll even wear my safety glasses!” Too bad I didn’t write down any of the quotes from when a few of us were bouncing off the walls…

My team’s advisor thinks this is the funniest thing said in our team:

“Why drink Pepsi when you can program and drink Pepsi?” - Me

Well, if it was your breakfast, that had just been ripped out of your hands, you’de be a little upset too. I mean, so I was bleeding on my right arm, all I really cared about that early in the morning was my doughnut, which was freshly baked I might add. mmmm doughnut.

Ohh man, that just made me think of a whole bunch of qoutes made about programming on our team.
"It * might * work. Lets try it! Just select that and…uh oh.

BTW all of our teams student programmers are registerd here, Hey Mike! remeber when we were trying to get that autonomus code working?

"AUTO_MODE_MODE can be a constant, and by ‘can be a constant’ I mean it can’t be."-Crop-Circles(MIKE!)

One of the funniest quotes at the time of UCF this year was said by Mr. Griffith after one of my team’s matches, in which our aliance was tipped and rammed. Every one thought for sure it was a penelty. But the judges said it wasn’t. We all respected this call and went back to the pits. When I over hear Mr. Griffith and an Engineer whom I can’t recall discussing the match. Well soon I hear Mr. Griffth say: “Well you know, I’m not one to argue with the Empire.” I was drinking a Dr. Pepper at the time, and I nearly spit it up I was laughing so hard. :smiley:

Maybe not as funny as other quotes here, but I think all of us can relate:
Programmers: “It’s the mechys fault!!”
Mechys: “It’s the programmers fault!!”

What if you’re a mechy and and a programmer, do you blame PR? :ahh:

Hmm… I think I would blame the animators, despite the fact they probably never touched anything.
Finally thought of a good quote… And it was right in my signature the whole time.
There happens to be a super-intelligent seventh grader on our team who is also an awesome programmer. One night during pre-season, when we were teaching new programmers, C, this kid answered all the questions right. So finally, we got really annoyed with him and told him that from then on he had to speak in C. It didn’t really stop him, so our head programmer said “Joe, from now on, you can only speak in tertiary, binary, or octal”

The quote in my signature happened another time for the same reasons…

joe is a cool little dude.

Right before one of our matches, our compressor died. I (the programmer, who was naturally blamed for this as we did not know that it was in fact the compressor going kaput) had finally found 10 minutes to grab some food, had the hot dog in hand, sitting on the RV, about to take that 2nd bite, when I see Hung, our Manipulator guy, running at the RV, waving his arms like mad, yelling…


at which point I throw down my lunch, pause only half a second to grab my safety goggles (dont leave home without 'em), and flew out of there to go and help debug the problem.

(if any of you are wondering, we did not have time to really hook up the new compressor, but had to clip the wires to the old one to drive the new one hooked directly to the tanks before the match, clamped down on the tubing, and inserted it back into the old compressor to keep the 70 psi we had in there from escaping. Even though we have many pneumatics in our robot, it was just barely enough to get our robot up on the platform and hang on the bar…just barely :-P)

That was one of several humorous quotes from our travels, and quite possibly the most memorable for myself.