Favorite Robots at the Championship

I thought I should make a thread for people to express how much they loved certain robots they encountered at the Championship and why.Since 987 was on Archimedes, my opinion is biased.

My favorite robot at the Championship was 27. They pick up the ball elegantly and are just really fun to watch. They could score quickly and effectively. Their robot was just really cool…:slight_smile:

I loved 71’s hybrid mode because they could change lanes at any time using the IR signal, and they did so smoothly because of their maneuverable drive system.

MOE’s robot was also impressive. I like how they could exclusively get the second ball in hybrid, which to me is a great strategy. Also, they were amazing to have as alliance partners.

Team 842 played very potent defense, which is why 987 chose them to be on our alliance.

These are just a few robot that stand out in my mind right now. There were so many awesome robots on Archimedes and other divisions. What robots did you guys love?

Edit: I forgot to mention 1771. They really impressed me by making their idea work soooo well. They won the creativity award for a reason.

My brother’s favorite was 27 as well, and I can certainly see why.

1114 had the hurdler this year, just about perfect in every match I saw them in; I’d have no qualms talking about them in the same sentence as 25 in 2006 or 179 in 2005.

148 remains a favorite for their drive system. The execution was beautiful, and documented well for everyone on top of that. (New objective for next year: get a publication together as swanky as theirs.) It gives frequent members of the Manipulator-Free Club (like me) hope for the future.

1771 was awesome. But I could be biased because I designed as suction sup for 190 as well…

254 and 968 were my two favorite robots of not only Championships, but the entire year. They worked nearly flawlessly, and they were also real purdy when they worked :smiley: Something about the elevator/launcher combo just looked sexy when it hurdled. Also the robots themselves look fantastic as always. They are true pieces of engineering.

my favs were the killer bees and, the rookies, the enginnerds.

and of course my all time fav,



My favorite has to be 233 Team pink. Their robot is awesome.

1114 was the best robot, they almost always got more than 40 points in hybrid mode. 233 Pink’s was also cool.

Watching 1114’s robot in person was truly a privilege!

My favorite robot (and the favorite of many of the volunteers)

belongs to 832.

They had the oscarbot. They couldn’t hurdle, but Oscar the Grouch came out of a garbage can to knock the balls down from the overpass.

Truly a thing to behold.

I thought 217 thunderchickens is a really creative robot, plus they played incredibly on the field.

i disagree 148 was very well made but did not perform well. they committed so many line penalties because of the fact that their robot did not have a front making it so hard to realize which direction you traveled when driving. still a very well made and smooth bot.

my favorite was 832 and i wasn’t even in that division.

968/254. Brilliant machines yet again.

Im still baffled as to why 1114 chose 217 before 254. Still seems very dumb to me, even though they won. 217 broke frequently and just had general issues over the past regional and at nats. Same with 148. Seemed odd.

Here is what I believe

They chose 217 for pretty obvious reasons, because they were incredible and got around defence extremely well, which is very useful in eliminations. They chose 148 because they were a decent lap bot (even though they were unperforming in qualifications). Oh and the mentors are friends.

I wasn’t at Atlanta, and I may be biased, but here’s my take:

IMHO 254 was slightly, but not significantly, better than 217. I’m sure 1114 felt they could win it all whether they chose 217, 330, 254, 1717, or probably a number of other bots too. They were friends with 217, so they chose them.

It made for an exciting semifinal match on Einstein. 1114 was slightly better than 233 and 968 slightly better than 217. I never actually got to see 60 play so I’m not sure how they compare to 148, but I think overall both alliances were pretty evenly matched with maybe a small advantage to 1114/217/148. 1114 definitely deserved to win it all, but 968 put together a great alliance and nearly snatched it away.

I have to say that my favorite robot this season (besides my own, hehe) has to be a fair tie between Team 27 RUSH and Team 1024 Kil-A-Bytes with their speedometer. (I found that really cool)

I originally wondered the same thing about 217 over 254, but what I soon saw was that not only did 217 and 1114 have connections, but 217 could do what 254 could not do as easily: place the ball at the end. Though, it didn’t affect the outcome of many of the matches the Galileo #1 Alliance played, it is still an advantage from a scouting standpoint.
I thought 148 was a good pick because they didn’t really need another hurdler. What they needed is a racer, and there was probably no better racer on Galileo than 148. Yes, there were robots that may have been just as fast, but 148 had used a strategy throughout the competition that helped them a lot as a racer. However, I did think it was interesting that 1114 took the risk in having a racer along side a robot that was known to have broken multiple times. For a team to do make that decision, I think they must be very sure of their own abilities because once 217 broke, nobody could help 1114 hurdle. Obviously they were confident in their abilities to win without help hurdling. 1114 is by far my favorite robot, and I thought it was great that they chose 217, essentially giving them the chance to win a second national championship.

I can understand the decision for that kind, BUT I don’t see why they picked 217 over 330, which I’ve seen driven better and is better built. (again, not saying 217 is rubbish, far from it, but when you are #1, why not go with the better bot that does the same things?)

I really like team 2337’s robot, It is really fun to watch that thing boot the ball over the overpass…das boot!
And as always I really like team 330’s bot, its always seems to be something pretty simple, yet it always gets the job done

This may be biased, but I love 217’s robot. I’m not surprised at all that 1114 picked them. Many of their issues that they encountered in the eliminations didn’t happen until then.

They never broke their latex in the qualifications (or at least I don’t think they did). They cannot really be blamed for tipping (it was really of no fault of their drivers), and that electrical problem was a one-time thing…

I practiced with them for hours leading up to this. Their robot is so simple in so many ways. Their drivers are so extremely skilled and they’re extremely nice.

Other robots that impressed me (on Galileo) were 254, for their slick shooter-like design, and 195 for their awesome hybrid. Of course, 1114 is also one awesome machine for… well… everything!

I’m a personal fan of 27’s robot. It’s an amazing piece of engineering and was a pleasure to watch on the field.

I have a soft spot for 217’s design as well, as they accomplished the design I had attempted to develop at the start of the season.

Other favorites this year include 254/968, 1114, 987 and 1519’s little rabbit that never played in an official match, but was wicked cool to watch in practice matches.

Edit: Can’t forget 1771 for combining a shooter with suction. That was a beauty to watch on Archimedes!