Favorite Robots at the Championship

I don’t think anyone is ever so sure that they will win. You never know what will happen.

That’s what’s great about IRI! You get to see all of the best robots in person!

I agree with Dave, I could watch 2337 hurdle all day long. They were my favorite robot from this season.

I also enjoyed watching 1114 play the game with their smooth and efficient robot zooming around the field.

Team 121 had a really cool robot, I really enjoyed watching them hurdle and make those smooth moves around the field. I also loved when they came out to the field with 148’s extra frame in their claw.

121 is clearly hands down my favorite robot during the build season. We cant even count on our fingers how many team’s robot designs were inspired or even outright duplicated from the Rhode Warriors.
254, 968, and 233 all had beautifully designed and machined masterpieces.
I still like 25’s drivetrain. So robust and reliable.
1771 made me a believer that suction/vacuum designs can work.
1114 proved that the best design can also be the simplest one.

Comments on Einstein matches.
Newton had a great chance to win and I felt that both alliances were equally balanced when compared with Galileo. As a spectator from the stand, both alliances looked very impressive as expected. No offense to the other divisions, but I felt that the eventual winner would come from the Newton/Galileo winner.
The only chances I thought the other alliances had were maybe their hybrid and/or defense, especially from 348. Their defense proved effective minus those G22 penalties that really hurt them.
The one thing we learned in the elimination matches that proved effective even on Einstein from the matches we saw is that defense was the best role, IMO, from the 3rd bot. Even 148 stopped focusing on laps and played defense first.

I know this is an FRC-centric thread, but the most thoroughly thought-out and executed robot at Atlanta may have been FTC 74. Among other things, this three-regional winner could pick up rings from the floor using a conveyor belt, and then flip the opposition’s rings into a storage basket and their own onto a goal. This deprived their opponents of rings to score, while racking up a near-certain 45 points a match in a game usually won with a score of 45-70 points. Just freaking awesome. There were plenty of other great FTC ‘bots in Atlanta, but 74 stood out for their ability to eat their opponents’ rings using the same mechanism that they used to score their own. Very, very nice.

i really like how simple and effective team 330 bot was!!!

If you watched 190 playing with 1902’s porker like I did, then you’d agree that 190 was the coolest lol.

My absolute favorites were:
27 Team RUSH
1771 [size=]> [size=]pwnage[/size]

and 190 Gompei and the Herd.[/size]

Thanks to everyone who mentioned us. This was definitely my favorite robot that I have been a part of and I am so proud of everyone on the team for such a great season.

I would have to say my favorite not counting us would be 254/968. Something about west coast drive and that super smooth elevator that always gets me, although I’d never build a west coast drivetrain.

There were many awe-inspiring designs this year, but one robot stood out in my mind for the sheer fun factor of it all.

Team 832 and their absolutely awesome “Boom Grouch” as coined by the Simbots.

254/968 is my favorite with 1114 a close second.
mike d

Agreed. The Oscar-bot was a real hit with virtually everyone that saw it. A definite crowd favorite!



Team 2337 my own team has a simple robot and the coolest robot,
das booot!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I also think that team 27 and 1771 are very good

I think one of the best games to play and i kind of like team 16 start up

Team 16’s robot start up diagonal or tilted and it’s kind of cool and i like their pick up

Well, it doesn’t go down as my favourite robot… but my favourite arm definitely belonged to 1690… and I never even noticed it until it received the “Tommorrow’s Technology” award.

My favorite bot without an arm was 1318’s little purple lap bot, but I’m probably biased there because I saw it go from not working so well in Portland to knocking us out of the eliminations in Seattle to running hot laps in Atlanta. It was certainly a unique design and took a lot of work to get it running right.

118 rates high in the “bling” category. Others who have seen that drive train in person as it has been developed the past few years might not be nearly as impressed… but wow. That robot wins my vote for the “most insanely complex machine” award, but it was finished up so nicely that the team really made it look easy to design and build something like that.

But overall this wasn’t a complex game… in fact, it was a very simple game. And the team and robot that mastered simplicity… the one that I had been cheering for since I saw their first matches on the Blue Alliance… and the one that brought it all home… was 1114. What I specifically loved about that machine was that any well-equipped FRC team could have built it… if they had thought of it. Maybe not to quite the same level of programming, practice and polish that 1114 did… but there really wasn’t anything quite like it anywhere else.


I’ve got a little bias here, but I’m gonna say that Two-minute Warning from Team 16 (The Bomb Squad) was a great robot. Since it was a “flop-bot”, the robot had a long, very stable wheel base. The “floppy accumulator” readily pulled the Trackball onto the catapult and secured it until it was time to shoot. Their three-wheel swerve drive was fast and maneuverable. At the start for hybrid mode, a CMU camera looked at an LED panel (red/green/blue) held by the Robocoach. Overall, it was a very fine machine and it took Bomb Squad all the way to the final matches on Saturday.

actually they had electrical problems in GLR, and that robot was bound to tip over eventually.

any one see a wood robot.

i like the pink teams from cocabeach the best or rage. those are my favs.

If 233 could have powder coated their entire robot I would chose them. :wink:

Second those choices :slight_smile:

RUSH’s long distance hurdle was always impressive along with they interesting snake-like acquiring system.

But, 2337 Enginerds were definitely sporting my favorite robot this year. Their style points definitely pass 1114’s sleekness :cool:

Wow thanks!
I’ve read this thread and didnt even think someone would mention us here…
I do have to mention that the complex mechanism was a devolepment of a devoted mentor. we all tried to dolve the problem but he managed to do it in the simplest way.

There are a couple of robots i would like to mention:
My favorite robot is 2337. I didnt get to see them in the championship but i say them before and they are just amazing.
I also have to mention 968 which had a great robot and ended up with pretty good results…
1114. My favorites since Midwest. I was so glad that the best robot won.
And of course, our regional head of alliance, 1574, who have an amazing robot and broke the Israeli record (set by them on the year before) and reached the Newton division’s finals!

All of us on team 832 Chimera are extremely honored for Oscar to picked by Karthik and Dave as their favorite 'bots as well as everyone else either on CD or at the competitions. Wildstang picked us for one of their team awards for “Coolest Theme”, at Championships and Exploding Bacon Named us “most entertaining 'bot” at Bayou. It seemed like everyone at Championships made it by our pit to take a picture at one time or another.

One thing I hadn’t heard about was the “Boom Grouch” thing from the Simbots. What’s that all about?

My own favorites wold have to be 233, 1771 and 1114. All three are beautifully designed machines.