Favorite SolidWorks Trick


SolidWorks does this natively with Toolbox Hardware (screws, nuts, washers, etc.). You can set up the same sort of snaps with normal parts, but I’m always too lazy


Copying with mates is the best, it has saved me so much time when inserting bolts in necessary parts.


Question for you solidowrkers out there.

I have been using Fusion for the last few years, and there a lot of great keyboard shortcuts, but I havent found any for Soldiworks. I really miss hitting D for dimension and c for circle l for line ect.


You can program custom keyboard shortcuts in settings.


There’s another, even cooler way to do this - pattern-driven patterns!
If you made your holes using Hole Wizard, that’s actually a pattern. If you check the dropdown under the Linear Pattern menu in an assembly, you can do a Pattern Driven Component Pattern to pattern parts across every hole. Huge time saver.