Favorite songs used in FRC robot reveal videos

With only two days left in build, there will be teams who will release robot reveal videos showcasing their 2019 bot. Team 4613 Barker Redbacks have already posted their video and it’s slick and awesome. After watching, with the song “Run Wild” by Thutmos (feat. NoMBe), I wanted to know what was your favorite song used in robot reveal videos? My personal favorite was back in 2018 when 1619 Up a Creek had their cinematic shots and had it contrast with the song “The Little Things” by Big Gigantic ft. Angela McCluskey. Anywho, what was your favorite robot reveal video and song used?

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179’s 2019 robot reveal!

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That song is “War” by grandson.

A few other songs I’m partial to:

  • “A Baru in New York - Flume Soundtrack Version” - 1619’s 2019 reveal
  • “Drinking from the Sun Restrung” by Hilltop Hoods - 4613’s 2017 reveal
  • the classic “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - 118’s 2013 reveal

I know I post this in every reveal video thread, but stop me when it’s no longer the truth:

Encore is your OG and will be respected as such.

610s 2014 reveal to Black Skinhead by Kanye


148’s 2018 reveal for Uppercut, Champion by Barns Courtney


I personally prefer the sound of silence… not the SImon & Garkunkel version either, but one that doesn’t have a song. I’d rather just hear the robot itself or I hit mute. I tend to watch them in the middle of the night and having something suddenly blaring out of the speakers that doesn’t go with what the video was going to be is jarring.

Obligatory 118 2013 video


118 2019 was pretty memorable… I’d go as far as saying it’s a high-quality reveal.


I can’t tell if you intentionally posted the Robowrangler’s shot for shot remake or not…


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