Favorite Team Moments

I was looking through my own team’s history and thinking about my favorite moments over the two years I’ve been involved with the Friarbots, and that got me thinking about other teams.

So, what are your favorite team moments during your time in FRC?

I think the 2 favorite moments that I had were winning the Dean’s List Finalist award, and to believe that I had achieved what I had sought out for. I’d always had a major passion for robotics, and to see it pay off was pretty great.

My second moment was in 2015 as a sophomore and hearing that we had earned the wildcard at are 1st regional, Madera, qualifying as finalists. This would be my first time going to World Championships which is always a great experience.

My favorite was progressing to finals at a local off-season event after building a brand new robot for it. Our 2015 season ended in last place so progressing all the way to the finals was something that really hit hard for me and the rest of the team.

By far my favorite moment on 2502 was going to IRI.

My favorite moment this year as a team was our EI win at Waterbury. It really came out of the blue for us, as we didn’t expect it. Even though it was the end of a really exhausting competition, I was laughing and smiling after that.

My favorite moment has to be when we tied the score on Einstein F3. Everybody on the floor was staring up at the screens and waiting for the announcement along with the final score. I had a feeling that it might be a tie (I was cycling boulders, so I kind of kept track of the score as we went). When they released the final score, I just kind of stared around to see what everybody else was doing. There was a brief moment of confusion among our alliance, at first because not everybody saw “winner” displayed under our alliance and only looked at the numbers, and later because not everybody remembered that foul count was the tiebreaker.
It felt like an eternity between the time the official score showed up and when everybody actually realized what had happened.

It made for an awfully puzzling win, and I’m glad that IRI modified the tiebreaker rule. Personally, I would have been completely fine with playing another match.
We may have had enough time to fully repair the climber ratchets and make one last slam dunk. (We drove right through them in SF1-2, that’s why we never climbed after that match)

My favorite moment on 2052 was breaking our 3 year Quarter-Finalist streak at champs when we won the Carson division and going to Einstein. Sweet way to end the season as a senior.

Second favorite moment would have to be when 2052 qualified to champs via wildcard in 2015. Qualifying was looking bleak for us after qualifications rounds, but somehow we managed to slip into the finals and qualify to champs.

Another favorite moment was when 2052 won their first ever chairman’s award this season.

My last favorite moment was during 2052’s banquet after this season. Near the end of the banquet our media team showed a bloopers video. Since half the bloopers were bloopers of me, it was a pretty comical moment at the banquet that I won’t ever forget… people started calling me blooper captain after the banquet… :o

Just to add, my all-time favorite moment so far was when our team received the Chairman’s Award at LA this year right. That feeling of hearing the announcer hint about what you helped write and hearing your team’s name is just amazing.

We actually have film footage from one of the parents in the stands and you can see some of our alumni who helped start our team just freaking out before the announcement and it was awesome to see.

Favorite moment from high school with 1058: so many to choose just one. I guess I would pick our Cinderella run to the finals at Battlecry 2012. Made it all the way as the 11th seeded alliance out of 16, upsetting 6, 3 and 2 seeds.

Favorite moment as a mentor with 229 so far: seeing how excited my students got at North Bay this year when we finally dialed in our shooter and we’re making 4-6 cycles a match.

On 1257, watching our first ever win as an alliance captain at Mt. Olive this season.

Our first win as alliance captain set our mentality for the entire season. We were laughing, taking everything seriously and joking. To see the students who had devoted 4 years of their lives to it suddenly to have their actions come to fruition changes you. It’s validation, affirmation, and changes you inside.

FIRST was defined for me in that moment. The coordinated efforts of so many people coming to fruition all at once. Regardless of how far you went in that event, or any event, it builds your character and skillset (and the robot I suppose.) Nobody can tell me otherwise, as I felt it myself.

It was where to me FIRST came alive. Not by the act of winning independently, but by the act of winning via the collective actions of more than three dozen people. It’s the first time I’ve had faith in people since I did group projects :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had to pick a second, it would be our win at MAR District Champs. We had consistently ranked lower than expected throughout that event, but thanks to the blessed scouting of 225 and 341, we were a 2nd pick on the #1 alliance (!) After the picks had gone around, we were resigned to go home and cancel our bookings for Worlds. When we heard their reps begin out a “12” a gasp fell over our seating section, and when the “57” was stated, a roar erupted from the stands where we were sitting.

At that moment, we were as ecstatic as when we had won Mt. Olive. We were given a second chance, to redeem ourselves in ranking and talent. Our drivers, our build, our scouts and leaders all had a vigor about them, unlike the rest of the day prior to that moment. They’d slowly slumped down until we were picked, and that sudden and intense fire was the reason we kept going.

As I once heard it put, “Graciousness keeps you through victories of any size. Professionalism carries you through the losses.” I’m pretty sure Woodie said that, but at this point, it may as well have been said by any of you.

I am an alumni of team 2052, and my favorite moment was when I won the Safety All-Star award in the Carson division at Champs this year. I was the Safety Captain of my time before I graduated for 2 years. During those years I strived to be the best Safety Captain that I could be, and winning the Safety All-Star award at the Championship my confirmation that I succeeded in my goal. While me winning the award was dwarfed by the fact that we won our division, it is without a doubt my most treasured team moment.

Probably after we won a match and I saw were rank 2. We went on to win that regional. haha who am I kidding we never made it to elims

Winning Oklahoma 2015 (3 close matches). Winning IRI.

Check the quote in my signature. That’s #1 all-time.

More information about it can be found here: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/27515

My favorite would 100% have to be when we were alliance captain 8 and we upset alliance one our first match of playoffs- we ended up losing the tiebreak because our treads came off but it was still one of the greatest moments ever.

Also, when we got our first capture of the season I ran down the field and jumped into our human players arms and we spun around singing “we got the capture” to the tune of “you’ve got the touch”

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My favorite moment was when one of our mentors was adjusting the robot, it moved, and it grabbed her wind pants and ripped a large portion off.

No injuries and no highly inappropriate “viewage”, but was really funny - especially since she was once a safety captain!


MSC 2010 Finals. Those were some nailbiter matches.

For my team it was the win at Pioneer Valley at 2015. My first ever event I participated in, and the first time my team has ever made it to playoffs, we won, as alliance captain nonetheless. Mentors were crying, lots of hugging, it was the absolute best feeling ever.

Although, it has unlocked a need for another blue banner deep within me and it is insatiable.

Being a part of the drive team when 1991 was the 7th seed captain at Groton in 2014. Upsetting the 2nd seed, 3rd seed, and the 4th seed in the finals. Waiting for the score after a rubber match was a sureal moment and the most memorable.

That and learning our team got an invite to worlds in 2016 after being on the waitlist.

Yet another, learning Solidworks with friends. :slight_smile:

For me, it’s either when our team won the Chairman’s Award for the first time in our history at the Arizona North Regional or upsetting the #2 seed in the 2016 Carson quarterfinals as the captain of the #7 seed. The first was a pretty awesome moment, the second were two very intense matches.