Favorite Thing At Nats

Smile :smiley:

You had fun!

Now what was your favorite part?

Mine was, of course, the segway and getting our prinicipal on Test Track (shoud’ve bought the picture):slight_smile:

well lets see…

some of us didnt get to ride a segway…angry eyes…but its cool cuz the whole experience was fun…it was our first year down there and it couldnt have been better…i had soo much fun but not to sound like a loser the best part of the thing was the hotel and meeting people from the hotel…spending endless hours with them and being really hyper the next morning…grin

I would have to say that my favorite thing at the national competition would be me on the big screen tv being a screaming freak. I had my backwards hat, sunglasses, and shark hat, and I swear that those cameras must have stayed on me for at least 2 minutes, instead of a few seconds. I was beinga freak, and it was really fun. Outside of the national competition, during he wonderful stay in Florida I would have to say that Old Town in Celebration Kissimee was great. There were go carts, bumper cars, the slingshot, and the giant swing. There are shops that have everything you could possibly want, and the tattoo shop there is hella kool, except for the fact they wouldn’t taper my earing guage unless I was 18, so next year I’ll do it. Old Town was freaking awesome.

Yea… i think everything was definitely my favorite. We had lotsa fun at the hotel… lotsa fun at comps… met A LOT of new people… plus… i even sorta tanned. Everyone was so friendly, it make everything so much better. The Disney folks know how to do it right… O, and Joe… yea… HYPER!

The competion was great but the hotel was really fun too
Team 133 BERT was staying in the same hotel and we had chicken fights in the pool for a couple of hours. Even double-decker chicken fights.
Id have to say that the 4 person totem-pole in the water was the best (me being at the top) we tried it for a while and finally got it, the bottom collapsed and i being at the top had a big face pant in the water…it was all fun tho:D