Favorite thing to snack on

Okay, we’ve all had a late night meeting and needed to get some extra food in our systems. Or you stopped somewhere before your meeting for a snack… or your team has a tradition of going to that one perfect fast food place… Tell your stories about the best thing in life next to FIRST, food.

Our team has a tradition of going to Wendy’s after every event, and we’re actually pretty close to obtaining sponsorship from them, which is pretty sweet.

GOLDFISH! We go through cheddar flavored goldfish by the gigantic box (We’re the hammerheads, it just makes sense).

We’re also fans of those blue gummi sharks, and we go to Taco Hut (combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut) after most of our meetings.


We like Chick-Fil-A and there is one about 5 minutes down the road from our school where we build. We actually got them to sponsor us (through donations of food) this year.

When I get any of these:Premium saltine crackers, Cheez Its (sp?), and original goldfish, I return an empty box/bag. :smiley:

But I still just like plain ol pizza, for lunch or dinner anytime. You can never go wrong with pizza.

our team goes through utz party mix at about the rate of 1 container/build day :slight_smile:

They ate donuts and more donuts and even more donuts and cheese balls lots and lots of cheese balls (note: speak no, hear no, and see no cheese balls, and if you look further back you’ll see smell no cheese balls too) and pizza and more pizza and did I mention cheese balls?


and here I thought “vexatious” was a good thing

We have a tradition of going to the Ground Round after each event. The first time we went there we walked in with 30-40 people at least. Two teams, our team and our old sister team, 151, with no reservations.

They sat us and waited on us all.

A few guys and I on our team have started a small tradition very recently considering this is started by me and I’m a rookie. Apparently I am now responsible for bringing an Asian snack called Pocky to every competition our team attends. Haha. I hope the guys don’t miss it during the L.A. Regional since I can’t go. T_T

Pocky… mmmmmmmmmmmm… :ahh:

I love that stuff! For some reason, you just reminded me of bubble tea. Gotta go get some tomorrow =)

Ours is going to Uno’s on the Friday night of UCF. Never reserved a table there, and yet it always seems to be empty in the middle of the restaurant where they push several square tables together to form a banquet table that night.

Our team lives off of cookies, brownies and whatever else either my mom or i feel like making that day. But mainly brownies and cookies.

Alot of popcorn and pizzaq. One of our mentors happened to own a pizza place on the side and brought in free pizza every Saturday.

yummm bubble tea.