Favorite Tool by Team

Or drive team says duct tape…

Our wiring team would be kill without those cutters. Love em.

We’ve been trying to put ours together and I’ve heard it’s a nightmare.

The mill is definately my favorite (even though its manual)

Top 2:

Yippy-Skippy, the 3-lb. orange dead-blow hammer

Roger, the he/she button maker

Both tools acquired in the early 2000’s; both tools long past their service lives; both tools still in use regardless.

(For the record, we’ve named pretty much every one of our tools at some point or another; the general idea is that if a name sticks, then the tool in question must actually be important enough to deserve a name.)

Well best of luck to you. Once you get it you will she sheet metal in a whole new way.

Has anyone said a computer yet? Since scouting is what I love most, I’d say a computer for at least myself. Team’s favorite is probably the soda machine in the electronics room.

Bonus (least favorite tool by team): My team used these really old PDAs for scouting last year (we plan to get some new equipment for 2016) and if we took a poll, it’d most likely it’d be a unanimous decision that nobody liked the PDAs.

This year we have added colored heat shrink to all our hex keys to make identifying them easier.

Absolutely brilliant Allen… thank you

We used little pieces of tape or paint which always wore off…
This is genius

Seeing the strippers were covered previously.

I’ll go with the Weidmuller PZ 6 Roto Wire Crimping Tool for making the ferrels connections all the new Cross the Road electronics use…

No more spider legs, no more lose terminations, no connection failures.

But we are fond of our Weidmuller Strippers too.

We do a lot of sheet metal work, and these are fantastic: http://www.amazon.com/Original-Fastener-Deluxe-Fasteners-Quality/dp/B0093QWZCS

They’re also great for non-sheet metal work.

I watched the video and going “ho hum, yet another crimper” and then they spun the crimp head around so you crimp from the nose. AMAZING!!!

Great design, but a little pricy, but I can see how it would make life lots easier.

Every allen wrench ever.

My favorite tool is a 20v DeWalt drill with a 1/2" chuck. It’s light weight, has a good handle with a high and low speed shifter, a great keyless chuck and a torque limiting clutch.
The 18v is almost as good, but its battery is a little heaver.

Is anyone using their new 12v drill?

After watching a tear down of the DeWalt 20V battery pack, it’s the exact same as the Milwaukee RedLithium 18V (both have five 18650 lithium ion cells), just DeWalt’s marketing team got a hold of the packaging and rounded it up to 20V. Kinda shady if you ask me. I’m sure other 18V lithium ion based drills use the same cells.


Best tool ever



^^ this. We wouldn’t have a robot without handheld bandsaws many years.

Bridgeport 2j head (or equivalent) and a 1/2" two flute end mill. Learned how to use one over the summer. Way better thain a drill press.

Sometimes it’s the simple tools that matter the most. This is probably the most used tool in the shop and it’s the best pair of pliers I’ve ever used.

Irwin Vise-Grip Groovelock Pliers, 8"