Favourite Quotes ~ 2010 Season

Hey so what are everyone’s favourite quotes from this years robotics build season and competitions?

To start it off:

~“If you think I’m sexy, you should see my robot!”

~“The Game” <-- yes i just made everyone lose!

~“We must construct additional pylons.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaa you got those quotes from me and Sammy from M’Aiken Magic xD

We already have a similar thread…

are you the dude with the leprochaun hat? lolz and which ones because a few of the quotes my ppls came up with

and yea i did not see that thread until after I had already created this one :frowning:

It helps to search before you post :

Can we get a mod to lock this thread? Thanks!

I’m a little confused, Kara, although I do understand that there is another quotes thread - this one asked for quotes from 2010, so it is a little different. I don’t have any problem with requesting that it be locked but, if they lock the thread, what happens to the poll that is included in this thread? Can people still vote in the poll?