FedEx donation — one way?

Hey everyone. We used the FedEx donation. To ship our robot to Houston this year. We just got the bot back and From the bill of lading it sounds like we are getting billed for the return trip? Can anyone confirm — is that accurate? It is weighed at 305lb so I wasn’t sure why there are charges to the co-signee (district)

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To confirm - it sounds like we’re being billed 2682.50 for the trip home.

Absent something weird, it should be a donation. I would talk directly to First. [email protected] would be my first try.

I’m not certain how it is for this season, but I can tell you this is the first time our robot is coming home by boat. We are still waiting for our robot to get to Hawaii. It left Houston on Monday, 2 days after Champs.

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Is this something they quoted ahead of time but implied it would be written off? It seems weird that they’d try to bill you after the fact if they hadn’t provided an estimate or had you sign some sort of purchase order.

AFter talking with another team it seems to be an issue somewhere between the Bill of Lading (which was right) and the Cosignee Delivery receipt (which was totally wrong – theirs was right).
After contacting Fedex, we got it resolved!


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