FedEx Passkey and Scheduling Ship

We put our details into Passkey this weekend and printed the shipping label. I called today for a pickup (6PM Tues - YEA!).

But the freight pickup scheduler didn’t know anything abut the booking number, they didn’t know about FIRST complemenary shipping. Should we be worried?

I’ve been unsuccessful since I started trying this Saturday - I get to this screen (see attached image) and it won’t go any further!!! How did you get to print the airbill??

Got it to work, I just held down the CTRL button while clicking on “Continue” - Yippie!!!

I remember seeing that screen, but don’t recall what I did - maybe just pushed “Continue”? Did you get to the screen where you had to enter dimensions?

Is this an initial screen? I was a little confused by the first menu instruction:
Package/Envelope Services
Prepare Shipment online
The 3rd bullet isn’t a separate menu, it’s a pulldown from “Ship”.

As long as you got the airbill printed and FedEx comes to pick up your bot, you should be good to go.

The schedulers sometimes do not know about the deal that FedEx works out with FIRST, but if you have an airbill printed out from the PassKey system it will bill the shipment to the FIRST FedEx Complimentary account and you are good to go.

make sure you go back into the system and get your tracking number. That will make sure it will be picked up and when. this is the number you put into the FIRST system to tell them you have shipped out your robot

passkey teams do not have to enter the tracking number s per the following (only non-passkey shipments have to be entered)

Robot Shipment Description
All teams must provide proof that their robot was shipped by the deadline in order to comply with the competition rules and therefore be eligible to compete at events. See special instructions below for Passkey and International/Canadian teams.

Please follow the instructions sent to you via email.

If you are a US team registered with Passkey, you do not need to enter your tracking number in TIMS as your information is already tracked via the Passkey System.

You must provide the following Robot Shipment information via TIMS:

Robot Shipping Company: The name of the company that shipped your robot to your event.
Tracking Number: The tracking number the company gave you to track your shipment.
Note: These are required fields.

I didn’t realize that you can only do it three days in advance (I kept trying to do it like a month ago lol), but I got it done today, and it was successful. The supplied directions aren’t foolproof–they didn’t provide for the screen you saw. I got it too; just keep hitting continue until it says print. It gave me grief about the size and weight of the crate. Apparently the dimensions have to be entered in the correct order? Oh well. I clicked the the admin button, and kept trying. It eventually worked.


I talked to different FedEx people on the phone and got a mix of stories; some of them are misinformed. One told me I shouldn’t be doing any of it online at all–I know that story was wrong! It’s my opinion that if they say they don’t know, you need to either call back in a few minutes and hope someone else answers or have them check the information or transfer you to someone who would know what you’re talking about. Of course, after dialing the 800 number, the first thing I said was “I’m with a FIRST Robotics team, and I would like to schedule a pickup for tomorrow.” If the person scheduling is already lost, I think that’s key to note they don’t know what they’re doing.

Good luck, guys!

Another thing: this may be the wrong thread, but I must say this:
AT THIS VERY MOMENT, I AM BAKING A ROBOT SHIP-DAY CAKE. LOOK FOR PICTURES ON WEDNESDAY. The batter is strikingly red; when I added the dye, I thought it would come out pink… :slight_smile: