Feed Forward from Sysid low

I am not sure what is up, I ran sysid but these values aren’t generating enough force to hold the arm, i Tried to up the kG to .1 but that didn’t seem to be enough.
If i tried to stay at 0 degrees and hold the values in ff given me would generate .05177 volts. in phoenix tuner .05 out didn’t keep the arm up and .1 raised it slowly, so somewhere between .6 volts and 1.2 .

Do those number seem right ?

sysid_data20230225-094059.json (371.6 KB)
gear ratio is 60:1

Arm Code Arm Constants

Not sure what was wrong with the sysid

edit: I just saw the units per rotation I am pretty sure it was 6.28 when i ran it, i just brought it back up and loaded the config to get the screen for the question

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