Feed Forward Gain Question for Talon SRX?

We are using E4T Quadrature Encoders with a CPR of 360. The SRX Software guide states on page 109.

17.2.1. API requirements and Native Units for Unit Scaling
Native Units Per Mechanical Rotation (also the resolution)

Quadrature Encoder 4 X CPR

ConfigEncoderCodesPerRev() <= The Java API documentation implies this should be set to CPR = 360

The doc kind of implies that ConfigEncoderCodesPerRev() should be set to 4 x CPR (or 360 in our case)

Also then when calculating F-Gain what do you use 360 or 1440

is F-Gain = (.5 x 1023) / 1440
is F-Gain = (.5 x 1023) / 360

So two questions
what is the proper value for the denominator in F-Gain calc?
What do we plug in for ConfigEncoderCodesPerRev() ? (360 or 1440)