Feedback on FIRST-supplied Field Drawings

My first impression looking at these is that they look more user-friendly than in past years, with fractional measurements (thank you!), more-or-less named parts and clearer instructions. Yay!

Loading Bay TE-20000:
No dimensions or drawing for part #10, the Mid Chute Divider.

Trench TE-20001:
Table (page 16/111 or page 1/12) has column of “Item numbers”, which are each one more than the corresponding part numbers. Instructions on following pages refer to item numbers, not part numbers: So “attach 4 to 2” really means “attach part -03 to part -01”.

Drawing showing hole locations (page 21/111 or 6/12) is mislabelled in a minor way. Several of the “2 x” for hole locations refer to single holes, and vice-versa.

Shield Generator ( A-Frame Top) TE-20004-23:
Page 102/111 or p 11/13:
Materials are 1/2 plywood, not 2 x 4.

A Frame Assembly of Modified Generator Switch TE 20005-20
Page 74/91 or 1 of 10:
Some of the Item Numbers in the table are off by one from the Part numbers. The assembly instructions refer to the item numbers, not the part numbers.

I’ve been unable to unzip the folder. Tried on both Edge and Chrome but an unidentified error comes up. How were you able to open it? (This is for minimal field stuff).

I didn’t use the zip file, just clicked on the Field drawings.

@risho900 have you tried 7Zip on Windows?

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I have been planning to try that after reading another post on here that said to use 7-Zip versus the native unzipper