Feedback on Weiss machine tools?

Just wondering if anyone have experience with Weiss branded tools. We are looking to pick up a VM25L to increase the students’ capability.

I have no first hand experience with Weiss but those appear to be the same machines as the ones at Precision Matthews. We have a Precision Matthews PM-1127VF-LB lathe and is is a very good machine for the money.

The mill you link does seem a bit small. For not much more $ you could get a much more capable machine. Look around a Precision Matthews and Grizzly.

Thanks, agreed that the unit is a bit small, but the students work out of a old book storage room (on a team with 60 kids!) so our space and power infrastructures are limited.

But compare to what they use now (a old craftman drill press with a wood table (yes, it flexes), this would be a huge improvement…

I have the Weiss PM-30MV-L. It. Has been reasonably accurate and I have since converted it to CNC.

Weiss is a quality control process per Matt at Quality Machine Tools (Precision Matthews).

I suggest getting nothing smaller than the PM-940 if you can swing the budget and 240V single phase. In your case, it would not seem an option.

The PM-25MV might be worth a look. The G0704 is always an option. Having a mill of any capacity is better than none at all and it helps inspire the students.

My only word of advice is to buy from an importer that has a reputation for quality customer service and avoid the bargain priced units like the plague.

I have had a Warco WM250 lathe for nine years, lightly used, but no problems and is as accurate as I need.Weiss Machinery Co. Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of turning machines, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, sawing machines,etc.