Feeder Motor Question

What feeder motor/gearing do you use to feed balls into your shooter? We tested our feeder with a redline motor attached to a 57 sport gearbox, but it was way too fast. What do you recommend for a good feeder that’s powerful enough to feed the balls without stalling with decent enough feed rates.

This year we’re using a Mini Cim for our intake not entirely sure about the gearing for it but it worked well for us last year. Hope this helps!

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There’s no catch-all answer here - your indexer speed is dependent on a myriad of factors like how fast your shooter can recover after firing, how the game piece handles, etc. One of the more common ways to run them has been a smaller class motor (775pro, Redline, BAG) on a VersaPlanetary gearbox.

It’s worth noting that it’s usually not critical that your indexer/feeder is running at full power. If you think it’s a bit too fast, try slowing it down with code and see if that helps.

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