Feeder Robot 2015

Just a thought. Although most felt there will be few interaction for alliance robots this year except to get out of each others way. There may still be a role for a feeder robot. A low resource robot that cannot stack may be able to grab totes from the tightly packed landfill zone and feed it to another robot that can stack but have a very thick arm or grabbing mechanism that do not allow them to retrieve a tote easily from the pile.
What do you think?

I believe that this would make an excellent 3rd robot, as it would speed up recycle (pun intended) time.

A robot that can quickly get a bin loaded with litter would also make a good addition.

Especially if they can get a bin that is on its side.

An ideal 3rd robot on a alliance would have the abilities to lift a recycling container, utilize the ability for the HP to pass a litter through the chute onto the container, and possibly have the ability to stack the container on top of a stack of totes. The ability to stack the container on top of tote stacks can be optional for the 3rd robot.