Feeder slot question

we were curious about if there are any rules about having a board that the human player pushes flat up against the feeder station to assist the tube out of the slot. any help would be much appreciated.

That would most likely fall under “items… intended to provide a competitive advantage for the TEAM” in <T25>, so it would be specially prohibited. (Section 5.5.7)

I think it wouldn’t be of benefit anyways in my opinion due to the fact that in a human player position your frantically throwing pieces also I believe nothing can break the plane of the slot. (even with your tips of your fingers is a penalty). I wouldn’t risk it. Try practicing holding it from the end and pushing gently then work up to a faster speed that’s how i’ve seen it work great.

The board might result in squished fingers anyways. If you are still set on that kind of idea, the human player could also use their forearms as a replacement board, although they might look quite silly.

How about using another tube pushed flat to the wall, or just to push it the last little bit out of the slot.