Feeder Station - High or Low?

My team’s original inclination was to design our robot to be able to intake from the high feeder station position in order to use all of the 3 chutes simultaneously. After building our team-version feeder station and having a chance to mess around with putting the balls through the chutes, we’re not so sure that it’s actually faster to mess with putting the balls in separate chutes.

We’re considering using the low feeder station positions which allows a floor intake to be used for feeding.

Our feeder station still needs some work to make it more like the field stations so our testing will continue. In the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone has messed with the official field, or built a feeder station more similar to the official field, that could share a video or comment on the difference between feeding 5 balls through 1 low chute versus feeding 5 balls through the 3 upper chutes.


Human players only have 1-2 hands, and as such, their main limiting factor is going to be how quickly they can grab balls and put them in the chutes, not the chutes themselves.

In general, the chutes can handle as many balls as you can put in them, but avoiding one directly after another is probably smart when it comes to avoiding jams. If you have a human player with 2 hands and a large wing span, you could use both floor chutes without any issue, and your only limiting factor would be the speed at witch they can grab more balls. That being said, the upper chutes might involve a bit less lunging back and forth :grin:. I would do what ever is more advantagus for your robot, the human player should be able to do both.

Hope this helps.


There are three human players, and one feeder station…6 hands…this will be fun to watch!

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By choice of course.

I’m not sure more then one is effective, unless you’re worried about getting flooded.

I’m picturing a bucket line for human players. One collects from the scored balls, passes it to one in the middle, and they bring it to the loading station where one human player loads.


Our team had the thought of building some kind of tube that the human player can hold. They place 5 balls in it, release a pin at the bottom, and all the balls in it flow into the loading bay.

The idea was partially a joke and we didn’t bother checking the legality of this…

H1 makes it illegal.

My thought on this is… how are you intaking and indexing the balls within the robot? You may find that it’s easier to get them properly indexed if they come in one at a time, and that trying to bring in 3 at a time could pose problems with your mechanism jamming.


You’re likely looking at 1-2 human players at that station. In order to keep the balls moving “quickly” from the corral to the loading station, at least one of those human players will be preoccupied.

If I were you, I would just stick with a ground intake. A human player will drop the balls into the feeder station which would drop them onto the ground. And your robot can pick up balls that way that weren’t from the feeder station too.

If you watch the Robonauts everybot video, and watch the human player, you will see that the human player is able to feed 3 balls at once by holding one ball in each hand and then squeezing the 3rd ball between the other 2. Coincidentally, these 3 balls match the 3 slots of the high feeder station. So I would expect that you will see most human players feeding balls 3 by 3 through the high station fairly quickly (especially if they practice the technique).