Feeder station shooters

I noticed a lot of teams decided to shoot from the feeder, and I wanted to get a better information on how many and are your thoughts about it.

we haven’t built it yet because a climber takes a long time to prototype and build, but we will be shooting from the feeder if we do choose to shoot.

Our launcher is capable of shooting from the feeder distance-wise, but we haven’t tested for consistency and feasibility (is pyramid in the way, etc).

That’s something we’d look into in the last 2-3 days of build season should we have the time - for now we’re content with being able to shoot from half-field onward.

I think People will try it, and 60" third robots will magically appear during lunch break on Saturday and completely change the game.

all i can say is i am going to love playing defense this year

We are able to shoot from anywhere on the field we want. And by we can I mean accurately (80%-95%).

Our team plans to but I did some trajectory calculations with the field CAD and playing defense against it will be pretty easy from almost anywhere between the offence and the goal unless you give your shots some crazy 3 dimensional arcs that enter the goal on the drop.

Why do you have to stay in one place when you shoot?:yikes:

Well he did say “from the feeder” which isn’t that big, but yes, if you are totally motionless it will be much easier to defend against than if you move even a few feet

I think that any teams who legitimately thinks they can shoot from the feeder station is in for an exceedingly nasty surprise when one of their opponents shows up at the event with an attachable 84" wall for their alliance partners.