Hi there, sorry if this has already been asked, but when you guys built the feeder station, there were no explicit way on how the slides are supposed to be ( the one the frisbee slides down upon). I was wondering If its on the side of the human player ( which i do belive) and the main question… is it 30 degree or 60 degree?

The slide feeder is mounted on the alliance station side of the wall, and is a 12 inch long piece of 1/4" clear poly carb. Its at a 30 degree angle measured from horizontal.

They are not included in the team drawings but if you download the Game Specific Drawings, the part name is “Slide. Feeder”

Theres also a cover that attaches over the top but as long as you’re aware that it will be there at competition you can most likely leave it off and just practice as if it was there.