Feeding Noodles Over the Wall

Are you allowed to feed noodles into the recycling container from over the wall?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. You will see team 148 and 254 doing this a lot during their matches

yes up until the last 20 seconds

during the final 20 seconds it has to be through the noodle feeder

That’s what i thought but just wanted to be sure of.

This was part of my alliance’s strategy in eliminations yesterday. It went quite well! I think that it was a lot faster than the noodle chute -Team Human Player

As stated above, it is legal, as long as your hand does not enter the field, which has happened a few times this year.

Another advantage is that it can be done while another robot is working the tote chute.

This can be a pretty big advantage. Our playoff alliance used it effectively at Kentwood. We did have to train an extra tall HP fairly quickly, when we decidied to use this method after picking a rapid chute specialist 3rd robot, and assigning ourselves as landfill/capper.

That’s not entirely true. Here’s the rule (which was changed to be very specific), emphasis mine.

G27. ROBOTS and anything they control (except for LITTER **in the LITTER CHUTE **and TOTES in the TOTE CHUTE), may not contact anything outside the FIELD.

So if the recycle container is on the ground and not in control of a robot you’re fine (provided your hand does not enter the field). If you feed litter into a recycle container controlled (held or supported) by a robot you are in violation if any part of the litter is outside the field when it touches the recycle container. Note the severe penalty - robot disabled.

254, 148, 1678 and others definitely did this though, without any penalty.

Did you call G27 for this? If you are not a referee, did you see it called this way?

I don’t have the q&a question number but this is not true. Entering a noodle into a RC over the wall controlled by a robot is perfectly legal.

check out Q&A #404 for further clarification…

OK I stand corrected, I had asked some early questions in Q&A before they changed the rule and I thought from the wording in the team update when it was changed that the intent was clear. Apparently they’ve clarified it again.

Q421 Q. For purposes of G27, would something that is partly outside of the the FIELD and and partly inside of the FIELD (such as LITTER entering the FIELD over the ALLIANCE WALL) be considered “outside the FIELD”?

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A. Under G27, the issue is whether or not the contact point on the object itself is outside the FIELD, not how much of the object is in or out of the FIELD. Consider LITTER draped over a GUARDRAIL. Part of the LITTER is inside the FIELD, part is outside the FIELD. If a ROBOT or something it controls contacts the part of the LITTER inside the FIELD, there is no violation. If the ROBOT or something it controls contacts the part of the LITTER outside the FIELD, that is a violation.

I suggested this strategy last week to our team and then retracted it when I read the rules. With the Q&A ruling it’s back on the board (we don’t compete until week 4).

Q&A 141, 404 and 411 all clarify this.

It is being consistently called as legal at MOST events, however it was deemed illegal at PNW events week 1 in spite of the Q&A’s. This seems to have been remedied week 2 and called consistent with the rest of the country, but it would be good to have clarity in the actual rules via rule update (blue box maybe?)

So I guess it’s considered the same as if you were to throw a pool noodle over the alliance wall, and it landed inside a bin on a tote. Except a whole lot more possible.

I searched on the Q & A, but could not find any direct questions. Has anyone asked the specific question about putting litter into the RC over the wall after the last 20 seconds?

If you look at the definition of FIELD and their recent answer 411, then it is possible that, as long as the LITTER is partially still outside the FIELD then this could be legal.


Teams did it at Southfield while the robot was holding the container, no issues.


We did this at Waterford without any penalties.

Edit: Oops see below :open_mouth: