feeding the boulders

hi, is there a way to fee the bot straight from the human player like last year?

If you had in intake on top or bottom and sat in SP butted next to HP sure…but only ONE boulder at a time and seems to me to waste travel time as you are starting from the furthest possible point . Last year you could load six+noodle so it made sense…I don’t see any advantage myself to HP load this season as any floor intake is just as fast or faster in most cases.

What boltman said is correct. I can see some teams not being able to accomplish floor intakes and just using the human player slot but it’s not a good design choice imo.

floor intake this year is trivial, just put the bumper at the maximum height it can be, and drive over the boulder, and it’s in your robot.

Unless you hit it with your tires, in which case the ball might end up many pieces of smaller foam chunks like the basketballs in 2012. Has anyone tried running one over with treads or beefy tires yet to see how they hold up?