Feeling on Team & Field Inspections

What did you guys think about team inspections?

Our tech inspection went pretty well until we got nailed for not having a gauge on the output of the pump, although we did have one after the regulator. After arguing with the inspector a little bit we finally realised we were at fault and just added the gauge.
Our inspectors were also a little light on the electronics background. They were close to not allowing us to pass because we had hooked all (4) of our Banner sensors to one 20Amp fuse. They finally let us go saying, “I don’t like it… but ok.”

Finally we were stopped after getting of the field for an inspection. We had a very nice coil loop, no more than two feet long that bundled up in a way it did not cause entanglement. It provided power to the claw on the end of our extending arm. FIRST said we must hold it back with something. So we tied some tubing around it and connected it back to the arm. It is not very effective and it makes the robot look like hell. I’m not convinced that this type of inspection is effective, at least for most teams.