Female PWM cable connector

Does anyone know where I can find specs (specifically the dimensions) of the female PWM cable connectors?

From the magical FAQ:

**Q: Which connectors did you use to connect to the robot controller?
**A: If you really, really want to build your own cables and haven’t consumed any caffeine in the last week, use Amp connector housing P/N 530554-2 and female contact P/N 530553-5. Digi-Key has 'em. Search on P/N 530554-2-ND for the connector housing and P/N 530553-5-ND for the contacts. If you decide to build cables using this connector, make sure you have a good set of needle-nose pliers for crimping. I also recommend a very small dab of solder for a good connection.


I can’t remember exactly, but I thought the PWM cables that FIRST gave us had a chamfer on one of the corners and possibly a tab on the short side so that they can’t be inserted in the wrong orientation. Is my memory leaving me or am I right. If the cable connectors do in fact have those features, does anyone have dimensions on them. BTW, thanks for those specs.

yeah, they have something along those lines, but speaking as a stubborn person who has to deal with PWM cables in the pits, if you try hard enough, it can fit in, chamfer or no chamfer…