Ferrari Segway i2,shop.flypage/product_id,Segway-PT-i2-Ferrari-Limited-Edition_13527/category_id,Hi-Tech_46/

Red, it has a little sticker on it, and it costs 1/10th of my college education! WOW!

PS: regular Segway costs 1/20th of my college education.
PSS: I like to compare things to the cost of my college education
PSSS: The cake is a lie.

twice the money for a sticker… rediculess

Where’s the carbon fiber!?
Now we just need one from Porsche, it somehow wouldn’t need any electronics to drive and would handle amazingly.:smiley:

Uhhh… no.:slight_smile:

While some older Porsches can be driven nicely without electronics, the Segway has more in common with an F-16 – neither would be stable without electronics. And because of this, they are each considerably more maneuverable than would be possible if they had been designed for inherent stability.

Now, a Segway with the acceleration of a Porsche (or an F-16 :eek: ) – that would be something to see!

Ologramma anticontraffazione
Oh to dream…