We haven’t been real happy with bare wire into the weidmuller connectors.

I’m sure some of you have used ferrules, did they work well? What size and what crimpers have you used?


3005 started using them last year and won’t go back. We just picked up a bag for each wire size we need from McMaster along with the 22-12 ratcheting crimpers. They work great in both the weidumuller and wago blocks. Easy to use, and no more whiskers!

I buy all of my ferrules from eBay (China). They work great on anything up to 20 AWG. This late into the season, you will likely have to buy from someone local (Digi-Key, McMaster-Carr, etc).

On 18 AWG wire, I find that they still pull out too easily, I’d be more inclined to tin the wires for 18 AWG instead of putting ferrules on the end. That said, I only have a square shaped crimper, you may have better luck with one with hex jaws.

Just some thoughts.

EDIT: My comments were made with reference to the Weidmuller connectors. Overall, ferrules are a great alternative to tinning wire.

The ferrules from AutomationDirect along with their grey handled crimper and appropriate die work wonderfully. You can get a three year supply of ferrules for less than their voucher. The crimper price is a bit higher, but if you view that as a cost of entry, ferrules should be 0 cost beyond that so long as AutomationDirect keeps up their sponsorship.

I would like to remind everyone that the Weidmuller ferules are specifically designed to be used in these compression terminals on the PDP. They are square in shape to insure that maximum current specification is maintained. If your ferrules are round, you should be derating the current due to the much smaller contact area of the round ferrules. There is a derating factor on the Weidmuller site if you search for it that lists the actual wire size change when a user chooses to use solid wire. As I remember it is two AWG steps smaller. Ex. a #10 solid wire in these contacts is effectively a #14 wire.

If the wire is pulling out of the ferrule, you are either using the wrong size ferrule or crimper regardless what the box says. I see this more with the insulated crimps than with ferrules.

4607 started using the Weidmuller Ferrule Crimp Set this past 2016 season and we were very impressed. In our experience, using ferrules for the VRM, PCM, and PDP power ports going to these components is fan-didily-tastic.

Weidmuller is proud of their crimpers. On the plus side they work really well.

YES!!! Work well especially for the CANBUS wires.

We have the UL crimpers and this whole kit matter of fact.


And this tool.