Festival of Champions Full-Field Footage

Team 1676’s full-field footage of the inaugural Festival of Champions can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPUJJPXRAlES6Nru0G1uUg-WzFZXHsATO. Each match video has also now been embedded on TBA.

Huge thanks to our amazing alliance partners 2767, 254, and 862, as well as the Houston alliance of 973, 1011, 4188, and 5499 for an amazing event!

Ryan, you’re a god among men.

1676 should be invited to every festival of champs, they do a service by recording all the events in the quality they do, they deserve to be there.


Match 4 was so great.

I agree. There I was, wearing a 1676 shirt in the middle (literally) of 973 in the stands. And we were ALL going nuts on match 4.

And yes, Ryan is indeed a god.

“You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Hallary again”

Good stuff

These were some incredibly high-level matches and it was an honor to play this weekend. Glad we could take it to the 5th match and make things exciting :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan and crew for posting these. Great job, the action at the boiler was fun to watch.

Is there a link to the recorded original broadcast of the event?

Here is a link to the VOD from Twitch.


Ryan, thanks for the videos. Matches are best watched from the boiler side of the field, always.